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Please help!!!

Personal Web Server is configured to run Perl CGI scripts. I have Active Perl installed. The registry settings are set properly for .pl and .cgi files. I can get other scripts to run.

I have unzipped the files into the CGI-BIN folder within WEBSHARE/WWWROOT

I have appropriately renamed the files as per instructions.

I have made sure that the CGI-BIN folder is set to execute scripts.

Yet, I still cannot get the scripts to run. I keep getting a message "There is a problem with the page you are trying to reach and it cannot be displayed."

This seems like such a great shopping cart program, but it is really necessary for me to be able to configure it locally before I upload onto my web host.

What am I doing wrong? Does anyone have experience with getting this to work on Personal Web Server or Peer Web Services.

Thanks Jess Dansereau

-- Jess Dansereau (, February 15, 2000


There are a lot of restriction for using Personal Web Server as your S-Mart script. Try using other web server, i.e. Xitami, IIS and Apache.

-- God bless!

-- Patrick Chan (, February 24, 2000.

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