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There are a bunch of downloads from last episode and this week's at this site. They are about 10 Mb, but it is taking about an eternity to download. I thought I'd give you guys a shot. It is at hope it work better for you.

-- H C Tuson (, February 15, 2000


Thanks for the site H C, but I see what you mean, they aren't loading very fast at all. Actually, it starts to download on my comp, then kinda freezes. At one point, it stopped and started playing on my screen, but all I saw was Kerry Weaver walking outside the hospital, and an ambulance pulls up and the driver says 'you'd better hurray Dr. Weaver' then it cut off and I had to start to downloading all over again, so maybe I'll do it later, I don't know. Let us know if it works on yours H C and what they show, thanks again for the link!


-- Phantom (, February 15, 2000.

I was able to download and play all of the clips last night. Here is a brief sense of what happens... Consider these comments "spoilers," so don't read on if you don't want to know:

The first clip shows Kerry arriving at the hospital. The party is still going on, but interestingly enough, the loud music is gone. Psych is *finally* here for their consult and they want to know where to find Paul. Kerry goes to find Carter and see blood outside the door of the exam room. She opens the door and finds Carter and Lucy lying in pools of blood and screams, rushing forward. Her cane falls to the ground.

The second clip is the same one posted in another thread a few days ago. Both Carter and Lucy are being wheeled into adjacent trauma rooms and their initial conditions are assessed. Since most people have seen that one, I won't elaborate on it here.

The third clip shows Benton rushing in. Regarding Carter, he yells to Luka "Is he conscious, IS HE CONSCIOUS!" Luka says no, but he is responding to fluid resuscitation. They roll him on his side to let Benton see the wounds. He grimaces and says "Aww, man." Benton rushes back and forth between Carter and Lucy (who looks bad). There is a lot of talk back and forth among the doctors, too, about how this could have happened. The big news here, though, is that they find the knife (Abby does, on top of some boxes stacked in the hallway)! It *IS* the knife they were going to use to cut the cake, but good ga-w-w-w-d it seems a lot bigger than necessary for that tiny little cake!

In clip four, Deb Chen is checking Carter's pupils with a light. When she does he seems startled and regains consciousness. He groans "my back," and Deb tells him that he was stabbed. An officer asks him if he saw the person who did it and he shakes his head no. A nurse does something to him (I can't tell what) and he screams out in agony. Benton looks over from the other trauma room to see what happened. In looking off to the side Carter sees Benton working on Lucy and asks if that is her. Abby says yes. Luka says "get Benton, he needs to go up [to surgery] now." They start to wheel him up to surgery (Deb, Benton, etc.) and they tell him to stay awake.

Clip five seems to pick up where clip four stopped. They are still wheeling Carter up to surgery and meet Mark and Elizabeth along the way. Elizabeth asks "how is he?" Benton says something like: "stab wound with renal [kidney] lacerations and hypertensive, we're red lining him to the OR." Mark says, "Whoa, a patient did this?" Abby says yes, and they are still looking for him. They enter the elevator to go up to surgery and Benton says, "Go! Carter, CARTER, look at me. Come on. I'm right here, alright. Hand in there." Scene cuts to doctors working on Lucy. Kerry is still asking questions about how this could have happened. Luka is starting to get impatient with her. He wants to deal with that later. Mark and Elizabeth come in to the trauma room. Elizabeth says "where are we?" and Dave gives a summary of her condition and what they've done so far. Luka says he's lost her pulse and starts to do chest compressions. They decide they have to "crack her," and they begin to do just that.

In Clip 6, they continue opening Lucy's chest. There is a silent and dramatic pause before they begin (this is not for those with weak stomachs, folks. Very graphic.) They rush her out of the room and presumably up to the OR. The final scene is of Mark, Luka, and Kerry standing together. Mark says "I can't believe this." Kerry walks out of the hospital.

-- Deborah (, February 16, 2000.

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