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I am looking for a webpage that has current pictures and updates. I was told there was one and this is the only one I can find. My son is serving in Espinho right now. Thanks

-- Paula Willette (Wildomar@aol.com), February 15, 2000


Check out ldsworld.com, highlight Portugal and it brings up maps by regional areas. It's not very complete but it's the best that I've found on the internet. By the way how long did your missionary have to wait to get his visa? My nephew has been waiting while serving in Arizona for nearly six weeks.

-- Jeffery L. Leavitt (jeff_leavitt58@hotmail.com), May 12, 2000.

I was one of the elders that arrived with Pres Meeks May 93 arrived in Portugal July 93, by the time I left the MTC we were going in as tourists. It took almost 9mos after that before I finally received my residency card. Foi Muito tempo! Just have patience and he will be getting his.

-- Darren Kilfoyle (dkilfoy@uswest.com), June 21, 2000.

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