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Hi Im a St.Louis Raver and Ive noticed in the last year that every where Ive been (omaha, milwakee, chicago, St.Louis) and alot of littel towns are becoming really shaddy. It seems like every one has there own littel clicks like its a prison or something. I go to Dance and meet fellow Party kids. But it seems more and more If your not in the same group as someone they look down apon you. I can understand about the preepy Kids. I really dont know about any where else but in St.Louis Candy Ravers are loved just as much as any one else we only really have trouble with hard core club kids. Id really love some insight from every one to see how the other scenes are. But Remember its all about the Plur

-- Anonymous, February 15, 2000


I really hope that its not gettin like that everywhere but in nc the shade is thick,here in charlotte its smothering the whole vibe.My boyfriend and i (who met at a phat plur-kickin party)are about to run away in search of a positive scene.i cant,and dont want to, understand all the drama that i see in the parties around here.some thing has gotta give,the scene will go back underground.and maybe it should,any input on a great vibe??????spread it to the plur vibe,one party one scene.lov

-- Anonymous, September 28, 2000

western ny is getting bad. at least it seems that way to me. many times in the past few months ive seen these people who are such assholes looking down on everyone else. but hell, i deal with it, i still have a good time, i just dont associate myself with them at all. everywhere you go there is going to be some people with bad attitudes, there isnt anything you can do about it.

-- Anonymous, November 18, 2000

Kandy Kids aren't loved in St. Louis, in fact, they are disliked by many people. They are fake and stupid with a few exceptions of some kids. Sorry, but its the cold truth

-- Anonymous, May 01, 2001

Actually, I am wondering if you are against all the shade or contributing to it. Why do I wonder? Because first of all you made a comment about the situation and then you added to it by classifying people as "preppy". So, is it okay to pass judgement on preppy people? I don't understand what this comment is supposed to say about you or your opinion. I am from St. Louis, I love to partie and all that good stuff.

-- Anonymous, May 04, 2001

hey whut up, my name is trinity and ima south florida raver(miami:)Anyways,i would like to say some things about the scene down here.Theres been alot of problems with the rave scene and the government,as you know the government is trying to get rid of the scene due to all the controvery about raves and exctasy.It's not like any of it isn't true but thats not fair for all the drug free ravers out you have to be atleast 18 yrs. old for alot of raves and the clubs are now 21+.They're tryin to take us down but we won't go down without a theres a big law suit against a rave productions company and a place where a rave was taken place because the party wasn't supposed to end until 7:00 and the people just went in and raided the party with the cops so ther sueing and they found many people passed out on the floor on drugs.SO we have alot goin on down here but we still have p.eace,l.ove,u.nity,and r.espect to all the ravers out there candy kids,jungalists,bassheads,neutralists and etc.etc.etc. so follow the white rabbit, and you'll find trinity

-- Anonymous, July 20, 2001

i too am a fellow stl native. and i have also seen the scene gradually over the course of about a year now, just go to shit. why? idunno! the last really good party that i remember (most of it anyways) was spooks in space. one thing i do have to say though is i'm tired of having to tromp through the puddles of e-tards that clutter the dance floors. yes, i understand that "it looks cool" and all, and yes i enjoy a good pill everynow and then to, but its called a dance floor for a reason. and for all the "supercool" clubkids; try going to a rave completly sober and then ask yourself if you had asmuch fun as you did under the influence. if you can truthfully tell yourself you did then congrats you made that pivotal move from annoying to RAVER. if your not about the music make room on the dance floor for those of us who are.

-- Anonymous, September 25, 2001

listen kids i've figured out why the scene is getting so shady. alot of the the old school, hardcore rave kids become club owners- preps and those girls in ghetto shirt and of course drunks (RADD Ravers Against Drunk Dancing) go to clubs- flyers for parties get passed out at clubs ... blah blah blah .. you kids are smart, your catch my drift. we need to get back to the old school ways.

-- Anonymous, October 04, 2001

Hey. i am a Kandy kid in chicago and yes the vibe here sux too. It it kinds hard but i try not to let it getme down. It will change someday if everyone keeps their outlook positive:) PLUR

-- Anonymous, May 30, 2002

Hi everyone, i am a Kandi Kid from ATL. The scene here is also kinda bad. I mean i have been to raves ranging from ( memphis, birminham, Savannah and ATL) and all of them either have cops at the door or one of the raves i went to had a cop with a dog walking around inside of the club.

As for the Plur scene, ATL is definetly still going strong. The Globe is my place of choice. Tons of Kandi Kids and nothing but a good vibe!!! Though there is One cop at the door which sucks, inside is a kick ass place.

-- Anonymous, June 05, 2002

I live in kalamazoo, Michigan and the vibe is great. yeah we get alot of e-tards but its ok here we except eveything and everone.

-- Anonymous, July 15, 2002

Hey People Im a Miami Kandy RavEr and Down here basically the scene is pretty good i dont complain but i just wish it was dont see many ravers here or kandy kidz but atleats we're "the few and the proud" heh---plurries to alll dont let the scene die!!!

-- Anonymous, September 06, 2002

I live in San Francisco its really comercialized when it comes to "Raves" out here. Clockwork productions is a legalized rave promotion group.That is cool that they even do that but We do have the best underground scene ever. The people are awesome and the PLUR will never die...

-- Anonymous, September 11, 2002

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-- Anonymous, October 11, 2002

I've been in the adult entertainment industry myself, butI'm not posting any crappy pics of myself with a blowup doll. : 0 ) I live in Des Moines IA and I've been going to parties since 93. The new ravers are so young. They don't know how or try to dance either. Isn't that what it's all about? Dancing your ass off? Maybe once the "popularity" of the rave scene dies down, the real party kids will remain true and the shadsters will go on to the next fad. Those were the days- when it was truly underground. I'm learning to spin and I LOVE IT. Time to get on the other side of the tables! Peace!

-- Anonymous, October 19, 2002

well honestly i live in miami florida and the scene down here suxs big balls ....just b-cuz we have dumb e-tards ....bro i dunno but don't ever move to miami unless ur gonna to retire b-cuz the raving scene suxs you bearly bearly see ne kandy kidz it'z so grrrrrrrrr that'z the on;y way i can explain it remember p.l.u.r 4-ever *muah*

-- Anonymous, February 13, 2003

hey kidz wuz upz=)i miss all the kandy kids i chilled with recently at this last party i waz at. Please dont let our kandee kid scene die =(. im probably one of the last true hardcore kandie kids out there. In los angeles it seems like the only place youll find kandie kids is at happy hardcore parties, which is rawkn! but i like hard trance and nrg more and a little newstyle dnb hardstep breakz style here and there. it seems like all the kandie kids everywhere maybe moved to the happy hardcore room bescuse they feel the vibe more there. i cant blame them for wanting to feel closer together (unity, spread it plz). i just wish there were still the same amount of kandy kids there used to be in the hard trance/nrg room at ravez.plz girlznguyz come back i love all of u so so much it makez me cry=( thank you for loving me i love all of u=)=)=)=)heres my song to all kandy kids scott brown turn up the muzik!!!! our scene is going back to underground everywhere which kinda suckz cuz it makes it harder on newbies(been ravin for a year now) like me to find thewhere the all kandy kid raves are at. i know they exist there just so very well hidden so that that vibe wont die i wish i could get shed some light by a kandie kid holding their hand out to me and saying your welcome come with me to paradizee. hopefully some day ill find my second a famaleezz secret hidden vibe =(=)=)PLUR <3

-- Anonymous, February 13, 2003

yeah u should try being a kandy raver here the crap you cop and then theres the fact that there is so few of us but at the end of the day its about PLUR so just member no matter how much crap you get just keepp onravn and lovn pll well g2g love yall

-- Anonymous, August 31, 2003

Ok, I've noticed this too. Tho, personally I've only been a Kandie Kid since last Jan. Bout 8 months now. I just never even heard of them till then. Small towns and small raves don't show much of the rave world. But, the introduction into the Kandie world and PLUR was...hell, it was just finding a group of people and a word that defined the way I've viewed and lived life on a daily basis for my whole life. Got into the world when I lived in Seattle. Tho I live in Sacto. now. But, I've noticed this too. Something almost scary. The break and divide of ravers and TRUE Kandie Kids. Especially up in seattle, there are a LOT of people going over to the "Dark Side" Becoming jaded Junglists. If you don't feel being a Kandie Kid any more that's fine. it's not easy to keep hope and faith alive. Especially when things seem so dark and trying. You wanna stop being a kandie kid? OK. Fine. But what really gets me, is when they turn around a HATE on the Kandie Kids. The very person who, 3 months ago, made more kandie in ONE night than they would get in a whole week. Who believed in PLUR and in life and love and the great things of life. Now...the HATE kandie kids. They'll go up to one and, for no other reason than they're own hatred and jaded souls, rip the kandie off a total stranger. And laugh the whole time. I've seen it. And it...just blows my mind. How easily they can go from one to another and just how easily they will forget and not care about those who STILL do believe. Who still live the Kandie Kid life. I just hope this jaded ex-kandie thing will pass. People need to have faith and hope and love for life. Kandie Kid or not. PLUR or not. Doesn't matter. Just keep the faith. Don't let it die. Rave safe. Live happy. And keep PLUR alive! josh

-- Anonymous, September 23, 2003

hey i live up in alberta canada,woo!! it seems like every where the scene is dying, at this point we have one rave club in edmonton ,and people there don't make candy kids or even new kids feel welcome. People look down on you because your the first one out there on the dance floor and the last one of.What is it a crime to love music and want to dance? Its like they just don't remember how they use to be,how every thing use to be. I mean its like the've lost there candy over night. It kinda freaks me out when your at a party one weekend and you see one of the many{well not so many now} known candy kids and the next time its like they've never heard of plur... It sux!! but on the upside i must say, i found a very plur vibe. During the summer I traveled around with one of my best freinds,she"s been raveing for like 11 years,and is the most hard core candy kid out there and no matter what she lives her life by PLUR. She runs her own business called "raverstyle" and all summer we went around to the big out door parties selling raver "stuff ".We had the privlage of attending Shambhla,the biggest party in western canada. I met the most amazing people there, it wasen't alot of candie kids but it was PLUR all around. Every one respected every one.I can't wait to go back. If your ever in BC canada go to this party. It changed my life, it gave me hope that PLUR will never die. If any one reads this check out the web site help keep PLUR alive

-- Anonymous, December 04, 2003

ok... so yeah... i live down here in hawaii... hilo to be exact... and if u all think the rave scene is dieing in your town... think again....i can literaly name every single raver in mai town... actualy on this island... haha... there arent many kandie kidz here anymore... i mean... there are very few ravers here already... but the kandie kidz are a dien peepl.... the only true kandie kidz here are dev, tam tam, burkE, duster, binkE, lei, and me... and yeah... thats about it.... and there are a bunch of ravers... but i mean not enough to fill a club... not like there are any clubs here for ravers.... our partys are in the middle of no where... like litteraly... with a generator and a tent just for the dj booth... if it rains... guess what... ur dancing in the rain... haha... but yeah... iono... i kinda wish the scene here wasnt dieing... no one wants the scene to die... but i mean... there are just things that fuck with peepl... make them nnot like going out anymore... oh wells... thats what drugs do to u... and uhhh yeah... i guess im out... anyone see this and wants to talk to a HAWAIIAN kandie kid... email me... hahaha..


-- Anonymous, December 06, 2003

I live in Oregon and there are some Kandie kids still left here. But the ones that do wear kandie have to deal with dumb ppl that run by grab and break it. I get upset at this as I have been a kandie kid for alil over 2 years now. Making kandie takes time effort and money and it really upsets the kids that this happens to. Portland has quite a few parties but were not always lucky to make it up there. The small town I come from dont end up having many parties so we dont get to enjoy the scene as much unless we want to travel 2 hours. I kinda see the scene dying or going back totally underground especially now the so called Rave Act passed. If your ever in Oregon and want to party go to If you ever need someone to talk to I love receiving email. P.L.U.R.

-- Anonymous, December 18, 2003

I hate to tell you this sweetie, but it sounds like you have become what us kandie kids hate the most...a jaded raver. There are more of us out there then you could ever imagine. the scene is not dead nor is it dying, its just in hybernation.... In fact the Mid-West scene is on an extream up-rise right the past 5 months I have been to just about a party every weekend...and the vibes are always great... Maybe you should take a lil trip and explore the parties in other places! That's all I have to say as far as this topic goes. I hope that you will realilze what is becoming...take it easy...~P~L~U~R~R~

-- Anonymous, January 08, 2004

Hello jello, I'm an Ottawa raver, from up in Canada! Believe me, ravers are becoming more and more scarce. We have a very small scene, but it's also very connected. The only style people accept up here is the thug/prep style. It really bothers me because in all the stores a couple of years ago it was all about ravers and their clothes. Goes to show who the real ravers are and who is just about the style I guess! Oh well. Its good to know I have a lot of other people on my side too :)

plur and huggles and kisses

-- Anonymous, January 28, 2004

I came upon this website by accident...but I feel like I must contribute. I am from Vancouver BC (in Canada) and the scene here is about the same as everywhere else. Vancouver has NO happy hardcore parties. None at all. People in Van are probably the most jaded in North America. They only listen to dnb and breaks, and there's even parties with names like "just say no to trance" which in my opinion is stupid. But, I have a feeling that kandy is going to make a comeback! It must! STAY TRUE KANDY KIDS!!! HAPPY HARDCORE RULES!!!

-- Anonymous, April 16, 2004

Well to answer the original question. ive been part of 2 rave sceen in Canada Edmonton (the days of therapy afterhours) and ottawa(2k3- till when ever) edmonton is said to be dead "wrong its diffrent a house bassed sceen along with a hardcore jungle crew and the few candy kids that i can remember) ottawa(we are strong united and we will never die :P ottawa IMo has a nicely united sceen.

-- Anonymous, April 23, 2004

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-- Anonymous, May 13, 2004

Kandie Kids Are special.they have to be to put up with the harrasment they recive from others. so show support to the true kandie kids. If everone wasn't so judgemental, then there would be more happiness, so try and be nicer, i know everyone says they understand plur, but nobody except for the kandie kids i know live by it. for all the flak kandie kids get, they do a real nice job of being nice to others. take a page out of their book. do something nice for someone. At my fist rave, they wouldnt let me in because i didnt turn 16 for a few more days. immediatly, i had people evrwhere i didnt know trying to help me get in. finnaly a girl went in and borrowed someones id for me. we need more people like her. she had never seen me in her life, but the first chance she saw, she was there to help. the rave scene up here is falling apart, but that seems to be because there is next to no support from everyone. if something isnt going excactly how someone wants it, they begin to complain and spead bad vibes, making other unhappy. if you just think about the good things, like the fact that there is a kickass Dj in there, not htat the lighting isnt perfect, then everone will have more fun. And remember, as annoying as we can be, Kandie Kids arnt all brain dead druggies, and most of us want to make you happy! ~|PLUR|~ MR YUCK-ANCHORAGE, ALASKA

-- Anonymous, July 21, 2004

omg this is really really really scarry i just got in the rave seen like one month ago im gowing to get my first raver pants today and i have chosen to be a candy child whats up with all this neg i have not even been to my first rave yet please tell me its not like this every wear please plur must live on and never die

-- Anonymous, November 26, 2004

I live in Loveland Colorado and I have only seen one rave in my whole life. I would even be willing to have a rave at my place if thats what it takes. The clubs suck and the closest thing to MDMA around now is just plain MA. I listen to techno by my self most of the time so just remmember "apreciat what you have les you risk loosing it".

http:/ for our freedom we want it back.

-- Anonymous, January 06, 2005

At some point, kids, you are going to have to grow up... you can't delay the inevitable.

-- Anonymous, January 09, 2005

hey I am a az candy kid and i just have to say i only been in the scene for about a year but here in az the vibe is strong and i can only say its been fun but yeah there are those ravers that try to be all that and a bag of chips but our scene is still going strong and it really is all about the ~PLUR

-- Anonymous, February 09, 2005

I know this is a little late in the answering part, but I just happened to scroll through and thought I might reply. I started raving in 99. Its funny cause now I am kinda an old schooler and I remember when the old old schoolers were what I am now. Anyway the scene here in west mi got real crazy for a year or 2. '99 to '02. It was fun. I never personally candy kidded or anything. It was just about looking good, making friends, dancing, ect.... Then it kinda died out for a minute and then got goin a little bit and now it seems to be kickin back up. D-Town is always rockin. Alot of shady things and not good things have happened over the years to do with that whole scene. Good things to though and in that I mean by the lasting relationships and the music and expressing yourself in the dancing. It always is good to do that. Just be safe and careful and have fun. Anyway...peace people

-- Anonymous, February 20, 2005

I meant 99-01.

-- Anonymous, February 20, 2005

Well its always an odd rave scene herre in Lubbock, Tx. It goes up and down like waves, some ride it out, some get off on the down side. Right now its on its up again and getting bigger by the day. We have Junglists, Kandy Kids(Me), General Ravers, Gravers, and the like. As everywhere there are some preppies and such, but mostly a good feeling of love and acceptance when walked in the door. Just letting you know whats up. PLUR!

-- Anonymous, February 26, 2005

Part of all of the shade has to deal with reality. There are drugs at the parties and one thing that alot of people don't realize is that people have been murdered over the drugs and drug money that is associated with the raves. Particularly the east coast. The not all but some of the individuals that are the actual promoters... Some of you will know the name LISA Miller/ Melissa Miller. She is supplying the east coast with E although not pure mdma but a combination of stuff that is being sold as e. Now the interesting thing with this is that even though she was busted in MEMPHIS getting off the plane with over 3000 rolls, she never went to jail. Why is that and why was the murder of tony craig sealed as a apparent overdose when there were witnesses of the murder?? And why would lisa now be the promoter in memphis when tony used to be. Alot of the shadyness deals with the fact that you can't trust anyone anymore in the rave sceen. Tony's case was sealed where the local police and sherriffs can't even investigate it and that is just the beginning. Plainly and simply the mob/dea ZYX records all are taking this over because of the money from the promotion of the parties and the sales of the E. I think that there are some great people still in the sceen but you who are great need to wake up and realize what else is going on around you, never know who the snitch might be. The raves are supposed to be about the music but because of the drugs it's shaddy. That's the real reason for they shadyness. Too many people have gone to jail from trying to be friendly. I hope this opens your eyes a bit. Till then peace and never stop asking questions.

-- Anonymous, March 11, 2005

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