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In Abbey Road, Carol was not entirely herself when Abbey was around. Abbey asked Carol if there was anything else wrong, besides her being a nurse who changed teams, and Carol was shy and said "It's just stupid..." and then the patient vomited blood so she counldn't finish. Carol didn't seem to mind the changing teams, so what was she going to say? It seems that it was a bit of jealousy about Luka but why would They make her character at all interested in him since we all know she's leaving, even if she herself doesn't? Perhaps *because* she herself doesn't. Any thoughts?

-- May Archer (, February 15, 2000


I have several opinions on this. Either Carol was embarressed at what she said regarding med students and interns earlier. Maybe Abby happened to be present when Carol phoned Doug on Thanksgiving (figuring she'd never or rarely see Abby again, Carol didn't think much of it), if Abby had things to do in her room. If Abby witnessed some sort of a scene or conversation, this would easily explain Carol's behavior. Maybe Carol's uncomfortable that Abby saw her at a vulnerable moment, something really only Mark & Doug have seen before (out of her coworkers). Mabye Helen came to visit Carol and the twins at the hospital, and Abby overheard some sort of an argument, most likely about Doug. Who knows? Maybe they'll tell us, maybe they won't...

-- Leigh (, February 15, 2000.

Thank you for some other possibilities. It gave me a bit of the willies to think of Carol getting all gooey about Luka (that's what the audience is for ;D ). Carol acted oddly on the Feb 17 epi also- I'm starting to wonder if she doesn't have something up her sleeve that she will spring on everyone when she leaves.

-- May Archer (, February 18, 2000.

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