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What do you get when you cross corporate greed, underpaid workers, and a runaway frieght train?

Answer: the New Feudalism

Offered, for your consideration:

Given their way, in order to compete with with foreign countries with cheap labor, Corporate America would cut expenses, wages first, regulatory expenses would decline.

As spending power decreases, the middle class would shrink, demand would disappear. With no one to buy them, new cars would just rust on the lot. The strong would devour the weak.

After the last tree is cut from the forest, the last ounce of crude sucked from the ground, the remaining trillionaires would have nothing to do but retire to their once and future castles, counting their fortunes, hunkering down for the millennia-the way it always used to be. The recent social experiment called free enterprise? Over.

As for the rest of us, we could offer to till their soil and hope for some scraps to trick down from their banquet tables. What goes around comes around.

-- Stuart H. Rodman (, February 15, 2000


What a bleak prospect. But, as for me, I would continue to raise my garden, plant trees, and never, ever be dependent on such ghouls. After reading When Corporations Rute the World by David Korten, I doubt that anything is sacred to coporations and their CEOs.

Just before getting on the computer this evening, I heard economist, Ed Yardeni (sp) say that the "meaning of life in the U. S. is shopping." Gawwd, how awful.

-- Jean Scott (, February 20, 2000.

Sorry, bad typo. When Corporations *Rule* the World. Also, In Absence of the Sacred by Jerry Mander is good too.

-- Jean Scott (, February 20, 2000.

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