Exam 1: Questions about the learning objectives

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What are all the learning objectives that we need to know for the exam? On the web there are only a few from the lectures. There's one on Ch.2 (web notes) and the other one is on learning objective 4 for the lecture on 2/1 (by the way, learning objective 3 is a repeat of this). So what's it gonna be on? I'm confused.


-- Charlene (cshea@eden.rutgers.edu), February 15, 2000


Hi, Charlene-

Sometimes, the book extensively covers topics. And Dr. Katz wants to sort them out so that students don't have cram all... While they are not enough to get higher grade on all the tests, they certainly help I believe.

There are four LOs total. None is redendant -- I checked. If you still have problems, let me know. Thanks!

-- hyo kim (hkimscil@rci.rutgers.edu), February 15, 2000.

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