Getting error:Can't Open No such file or directory : LUSENET : S-Mart Shopping Cart : One Thread

Apparently the script isn't properly creating/reading the tmp file for my store...

Is that because I'm trying to use secure server? (I checked with our sysop; the secure server *is* on the server I'm using for my whole site).

If not, what? The header/footer/orderform .html files are creating the same errors (still!). In smart.cfg I specified the $storename variable to be assigned the value of "mystore"...

Is this a CHMOD issue w/the tmp directory? Shouldn't be, I chmodded to 775...

If you want to (PLEASE, SOMEBODY *want* to! :-) check out the page from which the error occurs:

Thanks, folks, for the 2 notes I've received regarding this issue (only now it seems to have gotten bigger *sigh*), but none of the suggestions thus far have worked... not that I don't appreciate any and all suggestions!!!! :-)


-- Cat Peterson (, February 15, 2000


I looked at you cfg file and you have the $cgiurl and $adminurl set wrong. You need to indicate the DIRECTORY not the file name. You should cut those lines off at after /smart";

Also, down where you tell it the name of your temporary file name, just put in tmp, do not put the entire URL.

Be sure that your tmp file is set to be able to be read and written to.


-- John K (, February 15, 2000.

Wait, I just found the problem. There is a line in the cfg file that looks like this:


You have the URL in here, not the basepath or absolute path. This is the reason why the system can't see your header, footer or URL.

Your absolute path is:


so the line should read:


That should fix it. Change the thing about the tmp file, save it and load it up and it should work.


-- John K. (, February 15, 2000.

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