Rabbit Ear Mite Remedy

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At one time you hade a homemade mite cure for rabbits listed. It consisted of Campho-Phenic and Sweet Oil. Do you know what the the mixture ratio was. Does anyone have a good home remedy.

-- George Jensen (gjensen@mindspring.com), February 14, 2000


I use Garlic oil and olive oil. It kills the mites and any infection. I take one garlicoil capsule to two tablespoons of oil.

Little Bit Farm

-- Little bit (littlebit@calinet.com), February 14, 2000.

I've just used a tiny dropper and used whatever cooking oil we had. After a few doses it seems to clear up, as long as it's caught early enough.

-- Bob Ambrozaitis (rambrozaitis@snet.net), February 14, 2000.

Do any of these remedies work for ear mites in cats and dogs? We have been to the vet several times and the animals still have ear mites.

-- beckie (sunshine_horses@yahoo.com), February 14, 2000.

for cats I use regular glycerin from the drug store. Did a cotton swab and apply directly in the ear every day until they are gone

-- stan (sopal@net-port.com), February 14, 2000.

I have also heard of using olive oil. I think, because it is fairly thick it suffocates the mite and they die out. This works well for ticks and fleas also. The garlic pills are good to give your pets if you can get them to eat it, it acts as a repellent.

-- Jana Caldwell (azmod@uswest.net), February 20, 2000.

We just simply use mineral oil. We put some on a Q-tip swab and clean the affected area. It took care of the mites in four days.

-- David Mixdorf (david-mixdorf@uiowa.edu), February 27, 2000.

Bought about 17 rabbits one year with severe ear mite infestations. First, I took each rabbit and soaked a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol and squeezed out excess. Then, held rabbits head firmly and carefully wiped inside of ear. Had to use Q-tips for the caked-on messes, then used mineral oil to soften the masses and used tweezers to remove them. U can use over the counter preparations for cats from the local store after thoroughly cleaning the ears like first described here. Ear mites cleared up within two days, and i followed up with one more of the oil or OTC remedy one week later to prevent a reoccurance. I read an article one year that said that mites grow on wood, and many rabbit cages/frames are made of wood, which carry a lot of diseases that won't die and affect rabbits. We were told to paint tar from the bottom of wood up to about three inches from base and let dry (rabbits were placed elsewhere at this time). It worked! Ear mite problems and other diseases we had faded almost immediately. Keep rabbit areas VERY CLEAN and don't get rabbits wet.

-- Traci Rae Davis (krystalgrace61@yahoo.com), March 13, 2001.

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