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Does it look like marriage in the near future for Mark and Elizabeth or are their parents going to somehow throw a wrench in the whole works. They sure seem to be getting along well now.

-- Lindsay Zipprich (, February 14, 2000


Ya know, I was thinking the same thing as I watched that episode! Is Elizabeth's mother single though? I can't remember.

-- Joy Norrie (, February 14, 2000.

Yes, she is single...divorced from Elizabeth's father many years ago.

-- mckenzie (, February 14, 2000.

Marriage destroys a character's potential for romantic storylines. No one on E.R. who gets married stays on the show, unless they're minor characters with no romantic storylines. Jeanne Boulet married and left. Carol Hathaway and Tag cancelled on their wedding day. Lydia married in the E.R. and has been in the background ever since. Susan left even as Mark was asking her to stay, Doug and Carol could never commit, all Carter's romances have bombed, Mark has had a series of brief affairs with no ring, and Peter Benton is a single father. If Mark and Elizabeth marry, their characters may as well pack up and move to Terre Haute.

-- Chessie King (, February 14, 2000.

Amen. I think Corday and Green are loads of fun just like they are now. I hope they keep it this way for a while -- stolen kisses when alone, snowball fights outside the ER doors, etc. Very cute. Very sweet!

-- Lily (, February 14, 2000.

I think it would be nice,if later in the season, the two of them when to Galena to a bed and breakfast for the weekend. While there, they suddenly decide to tie the knot and return to Chicago and surprise everyone-especially Romano. May be seeing their happiness might make Carol decide to do something about her romantic life. May be she will decide,after the last few months turn of events, that life can end anytime and it might be a good idea to go to the man she loves and the father of her children before it is too late to take that path and find true happiness.

-- Lindsay Zipprich (, February 14, 2000.

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