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I read somewhere that a good devoloper to use for tech pan to cut down on the contrast is C-41 devoloper. I was wondering if I can just take it to a lab and run it through theircolor devoloper! Is than feasible???? I hate using liquid technidol and I dont know how else to do it.... Any suggestions or comments ????????? Thank You, J.T.

-- joe t (, February 13, 2000


Joe, I've not had Tech Pan done in C-41 but have had great success with Technidol. Why is it that you "hate" using it?

-- Bevan Greiner (, February 13, 2000.

Do NOT take the film to a lab and run it through C-41. You'll have one extremely irritated lab manager.

Here's the scoop:

You use C-41 DEVELOPER. That's right, just the developer. The rest of the process is your standard fix, wash etc.

Try 9'/68F EI 12-16 as a starting point. Use ordinary inversion agitation; you don't have to do the Technidol cocktail-shaker stuff. Then follow with a water rinse (no stop), then your standard fixer, wash, HCA etc.

If that's too contrasty for you, you might try shortening the development time or diluting it 1:1. There's not much wiggle room; TP is sort of an all-or-nothing film.

You can buy Kodak C-41 developer in a gallon size; don't worry about developer starter etc. For just fiddling around you might try begging enough developer for a tryout from a local lab.

C-41 dev results in a speed and curve shape similar to Technidol, Rodinal 1:100, Ethol TEC and Burton 195, but it's not prone to uneveness, streaking etc.

BTW, the reason for not using stop is that it often causes reticulation with TP.

-- John Hicks (, February 13, 2000.

Try Microphen developer, diluted 1+5, 14 min. @ 75 deg. F, EI 32.

-- Tim Brown (, February 14, 2000.

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