Locations of Header and Footer file?

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Just when I thought I had everything configured... *sigh*

I'm having trouble w/my header and footer files. I'm creating my own catalog pages (rather than having them automatically generated) and the command for the review page is correct. But when I click on the review link, all I get is a blank page w/ this error message in it:

"Could not open http://www.gardenwallsphotos.com/cgi-bin/smart/header.html No such file or directory "

But that file most certainly does exist, and it exists in that very location....

What's goin' on here? ANY HELP MOST APPRECIATED!!! :) T

-- Cat Peterson (cpeterson6@uswest.net), February 13, 2000


1. Make sure the HEADER.HTML and FOOTER.HTML file is in the same directory with your SMART program.

2. Make sure the SMART.CFG has the following line: # what are your header and footer HTML docs? $header = "header.html"; $footer = "footer.html";

3. Change the access mode of all HTML files chmod 755 *.html

-- God bless!

-- Patrick Chan (patrickccf@hotmail.com), February 13, 2000.

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