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does anyone have info onwillow wood cuttings i would like to build a fence etc thankyou mary

-- patrick hemsley (plem99@aol.com), February 13, 2000


Mary, I'm not quite sure what you want. Since you mention cuttings, are you trying to start a hedge? If so, willow usually strikes easily. Or are you looking at making wattle panels? If that's what you want, there are a few books that have pictures of them. I can look for some if you want. Or are you thinking about striking cuttings at intervals and using them for fence posts? Not the best of ideas. You'll still need to add regular fence posts as the trees won't do well if planted close enough for fence posts. Plus trees keep growing and do strange things to your fence. All the metal from the fence and staples also does strange things to chain saws and sawmills. Gerbil

-- Gerbil (ima_gerbil@hotmail.com), February 13, 2000.


-- Yippee (Alf@poo.com), November 26, 2000.

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