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I was bawling too over the death of the parents, but PLEASE!! would they really jump right in and tell the kids their parents were dead without finding a next-of-kin? I would certainly want grandparents or aunts or someone the kids know to be the ones telling my kids I am dead and then comforting them. What do you think?

-- Lisa Reagan (, February 13, 2000


Yes, I was crying beacuse of the parents death but I knew that wasn't the most horrific thing we would see that night since the promos hinted at a cast member leaving. I think they dropped the logical step of next of kin and what happens to the kids to get to more grusome happenings.

-- Georgia Kenney (, February 13, 2000.

This whole thing could have worked realistically, if the boy had come out into the hall and come up to Lucas. True to his character he would not have lied to the child, and could have more realistically told the children of their parents death with no other family members or support there!

-- Deb (, February 13, 2000.

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