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I have come across a download of the previews for next week. These are not the same as what we all saw thursday night. It takes about an hour to download. Well, for me. It's pretty good. A good 60 seconds. Weaver is pissed. Carter has been "stabbed twice in the back". Lucy stabbed across neck, chest, and in belly. It is at the official er website in one of the messages on the message boared.

-- H C Tuson (, February 12, 2000


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can you give an URL for that please?

-- Erin S. (, February 12, 2000.

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Here's the URL, found on the newsgroup:

It's a huge file to download (10MB) but it shows a full 60 second clip. It is NOT the same as the preview shown following last Thursday's show. Basically:

Carter is shown being wheeled into the emergency room. Someone says "surgery is on the way;" someone else that his pulse is weak and that he is unresponsive to command. Abby wonders aloud how long they were lying there. Deb says long enough to lose a few liters [of blood]. One of the them says "I can't believe no one saw anything." Luka, who is working on Carter, says they should wait and talk about that later.

Dr. Dave and Kerry are examining Lucy. Dave says she has wounds to her left neck and chest and one in the belly. Dave asks Kerry if she [Kerry] is all right. She says angrily "people were having parties while these two were in there bleeding to death."

Luka and Abby roll Carter on his side. Luka says he has two stab wounds to the left flank. Abby asks if it (the knife) hit the spinal column and Luka says "it depends on the angle."

One of the nurses takes a couple of security guards or police officers to the exam room where Lucy and Carter were found, saying "the patient is gone." There is blood all over the place, including on the Valentine card Carter picked up right before being stabbed. The officer shines his flashlight around and says "Oh, boy." A nurse offers to go in to get the guy's chart, but the officer says no one else can go in because it's a crime scene.

That's it!

-- Deborah (, February 12, 2000.

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I was wondering if anyone has a c-band big dish and caught the five to ten minutes of scenes from "All in the Family". They had a wild feed right after they showedm the episode on Wedsday nite. It sure made me want to see the nest episode. So if anyone taped the feed, look beyond the 2/10 episode.

-- Lindsay Zipprich (, February 12, 2000.

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I saw a similar spoiler Friday evening showing where Dr. Weaver finds the two of them, and hollars for help. It also shows Lucy intubated and awake (or at least it appears that way). Besides that, it's chaotic as hell, and everyone is in a big hurry working on the two of them... Should be an interesting Thursday evening!

-- Mark Milliron (, February 13, 2000.

Response to Found big spoiler (thankfully, this thread is well marked)

Where are you guys getting these "wild feeds" off a satellite system or what?

-- Linda (, February 13, 2000.

Response to Found big spoiler (thankfully, this thread is well marked)

Yeehaw! What a great find. Thanks for sharing the download!!

-- Lily (, February 14, 2000.

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