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I wander if Innes is going to direct again. I thought her direction in this episode was absolutely teriffic. I think we all will remember the haunting final shots. It put me in tears actually. But not just that, the dying old woman's hospital room scenes were well shot, and the entire dying parents/little boy sequence was great too. (except of course the bit where you see her crawling as mentioned earlier. I wander what the rest of you think.

-- Chris Bragg (, February 12, 2000


I saw her on 'The View' yesterday, and she said that she might do another ep. of ER, and she was sceduled to do and ep of 'The West Wing'. Hope that helped!

-- Lisa (, February 12, 2000.

I agree Laura Innes' direction of that episode was superb! The way that last scene was shot with the music and everything was just excellent! She should get some kind of recognition for that! Do they give away guest directing awards at the Emmy's or anything like that?

-- Paige Jacobs (, February 13, 2000.

I don't think so, but you can win an Emmy for best directing for an episode, so she should definately win that! Actually, I'm not SURE, I just think so. I know you can at the Golden Globes, and I think the People's Choice, but..............

-- Lisa (, February 16, 2000.

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