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Kentlands Site Manager Patrick Gloyd resigned from his position as site manager during the week of January 31, 2000. Bruce Steele made efforts to keep him on as site manager, but ultimately accepted Patrick's resignation, as he explains below.

What are your reactions to this event? Do you have concerns or hopes as we move toward selecting a successor to Patrick? What is your perspective on site management at the Kentlands?

You can contact the Kentlands Club House (301) 948-4290 for information about a going away party for Patrick on Wednesday, February 16th at the O'Donnell's restaurant.


DATE: February 10, 2000

TO: Barbara Moidel Richard Arkin James Evans William May Michael Gugerty Diane Dorney

FROM W. Bruce Steele Executive Vice President

REFERENCE: Resignation of Patrick Gloyd

Patrick Gloyd has submitted his resignation as CMCs Site Manager for Kentlands, effective February 16, 2000. I received an e-mail from Patrick last week which announced his resignation. However, I personally requested that he not inform staff, the Board of Trustees and Assembly President until I had an opportunity to discuss the matter with him and attempt to dissuade him from leaving.

I met with Patrick on several occasions to discuss this matter and, until this morning, felt that there was reason to believe that he would rescind his resignation. The obvious reason for secrecy was to avoid the inevitable rumors and speculation that normally occurs in such circumstances and which would have been counter productive had he decided to stay.

I will be meeting with the Kentlands staff on a frequent basis in order to ensure that management activities proceed without disruption. Patrick has promised to provide a detailed status report on all work items which are outstanding or in progress. I will keep the Board of Trustees and President informed and will seek any input as we proceed to fill the void left by Patrick's resignation. Bruce Steele

-- Michael Berney (, February 12, 2000


While I have not personally met Mr.Gloyd, he and the rest of the CMC staff have always been gracious and responsive to the various needs of my family over the years. I wish him the best of luck in his new endeavor, and trust that his replacement will be as effective.

-- Robin Caldwell (, February 14, 2000.

I am saddened by news of Patrick's departure as Site Manager and Kentlands will be the poorer for it. He knows the community well and it will almost certainly take his replacement considerable time to reach the same level of effectiveness. As I observed him in meetings, he provided calmness and reason under sometimes trying circumstances. Though always busy, he nevertheless took time to answer my questions whenever I tapped at his door. I suppose the turmoil finally got to him.

-- Joel Aronson (, February 14, 2000.

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