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I have read alot of posts from everyone here about tech pan film. I am confused on a couple of points. One, which is the best developer to use with it in order to get the best (i.e. finest grain) negatives? Two, what is the best iso rating for that developer/film combo? God Bless all of you who have already done extensive tests on this film, and i thank you in advance for your help.

-- Josh Randall (, February 12, 2000


Here in Germany a common developer for TP is Tetenal Neofin Doku, but it is around $1 per film. So for testing the film I use good old Rodinal 1:100 for ~7 mins, ISO 25. I would not worry too much about grain, as I did a 15"*20" and had too much detail to think about looking for grains.

Regarding filters I did test TP with Kodak 25 using a Philips red/infra-red light source. As the sensitivity of TP for red seems higher than the TTL metering of the camera, ISO should be rated 32-40. Log density was between 0.1 and 1.7 for Zone 0 and Zone 10.


-- Wolfram Kollig (, February 12, 2000.

I think Technidol and a lot of reading about TP is always the best place to start. Generally, Technidol won't give you very differing results, whereas a lot of the other developers will with TP. I use pyro myself mainly, but I really had to dial it in.

-- shawn gibson (, February 12, 2000.

I use Tech-pan in 35mm, I rate it at ASA 100, develope it for 12:00 in Kodak SD-1, 1:1 @ 68 degrees, you may find some varition, I would suggest that you conduct your own test for PEI and Zone VIII printing, and then run a filter test with all the b/w filter to see what you get, and when you have done that, then do the same thing without filter factors, there is a big difference in the results. Regards, Pat

-- pat j. krentz (, February 12, 2000.

You don't need to do a lot of testing with TP if you're just going to use Technidol: EI 25 and use the time in the box of Technidol. If you can expose slide or Polaroid film successfully then you'll be fine with TP as far as exposure latitude goes.

I wouldn't even worry about using a fine-grain developer with TP (who does?). Even Dektol can't make TP grainy. The only reason I can think of to stray from Technidol (which most decent camera shops stock) for most photographic purposes is to get more tonal range or to get a pyro stain.

-- John O'Connell (, February 15, 2000.

I can think of lots of reasons not to use Technidol with TP and they all come down to cost at over #2 per film. Acutol at 1+20 used to work (high acutance, compensating developer)probably similiar to Rodinal, but Paterson recommend FX39 at 1+19 now and that does seem to keep the conrtast under control

-- Nigel Craig (, February 19, 2000.

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