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How long was Lucy laying there before Carter came in the room? During the party he was asking where she was and said he had sent her to do a leg lac 3 hours ago so does that mean she was in the room with the psych patient for 3 hours and if so, when did she get stabbed?

-- Angie Cooper (, February 11, 2000



I don't know the exact timeframe and I didn't tape it, but this may answer your question.

Ellen Hursh posted an interesting comment on this at the newsgroup

...You know what? It occurs to me that this may be the real purpose of all these other people dying throughout the episode: a time of death is rattled off every so often, as a sort of time marker. The last one is the old lady, at 1919. So... whatever length of time was needed for Lisa and Yosh to do the "death kit", a period of time for Lisa to grab her coat and go up to the roof for at least a partial smoke, time for Carter to go find her, time for them to return to the ER, and time for Carter to notice that Lucy hasn't done the leg lac and go after her. (I don't remember exactly when we had last seen Lucy, no - presumably the same process can be used to figure out how long she'd been there.)...

I hope this helps, Chris

-- shok_dr (, February 11, 2000.

I don't think she could have been laying there for very long because as soon as Carter saw her she was still conscious and then she passed out. If she had been lying there bleeding like that for too long she would have already been passed out.

-- Nikki (, February 12, 2000.

don't you mean Abby, not Lisa?

-- Teddy (, August 08, 2001.

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