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I thought the ending was great, reminded me of past shows like the one where Dr. Green was beat up in the washroom. The acting and direction was very well done, not too graphic but enough to get your heart going.

-- Jane (, February 11, 2000


You're crazy! I thought the ending was entirely too graphic and too "psycho". I've been walking around all day looking in the dark corner behind me. Whoever directed this has a sick concept of entertainment and NBC out to have more class about how out of hand their gore ge

-- tracy (, February 11, 2000.

This WAS definitely a great ending. It has really raised psychological awareness, because it DOES make you double check behind doors and other hiding places. There really are sickos like that out there trying to hurt people around them, ER has done it's part to remind people of that!

-- Laura (, February 12, 2000.

I thought the ending was excellent! My heart raced, and my chin nearly hit the floor when I realized that Carter had been stabbed. You see blood and violent injruies in every episode of the show, so is it suddenly unacceptable when it's the blood of a main character or two? It was quite a thriller , and you can bet the ratings will be high next week. Great way to grab an audience for sweeps.

-- Elise (, February 12, 2000.

It was NOT too violent or graphic. There was hardly any blood and it did not linger on the blood or their bodies or anything. It was very TASTEFULLY done and directed very well, the cameral angle and the forewshadowing element(of the missing knife etc..) was phenomenal. I do not think NBC owes an apology, if anything I am thankful to them for giving us such a great episode and making me want to turn in next week. Esp when there have been so many reruns lately.

-- Alex (, February 12, 2000.

I don't know why so many people think that it was too much violence and too graphic. They show more blood when they're doing a scene in the O.R. I thought the ending made this one of the best episodes in a long time! NBC doesn't need to apologize for anything, instead they need to tell their writers to keep doing such a great job!!!!!! If you can't handle blood and gore then HELLO don't watch a show based out of a hospital ER!!!!!

-- Nikki (, February 12, 2000.

KUDOS to Laura Innes (Kerry Weaver) for directing this great ER!

-- mckenzie (, February 12, 2000.

I have to say that I TOTALLY agree with Nikki, and that scene was done incredibly! If you don't like it, don't watch it!

-- Lisa (, February 12, 2000.

the ending and entire episode was brilliant. If people had strong feelings about it that's good. I did, actually cried. These people are people we love if we watch the show, and sometimes really ugly things happen to people we love. Heck we see that every episode. This was not too graphic and was tastefully done indeed. I actually thought the direction (by Laura Innes, who plays Kerry) was the best of the year and I hope she directs more (although I actually kind of missed her acting).

-- Chris Bragg (, February 12, 2000.

I agree the ending was FANTASTIC! And I don't go to scary movies (it took 5 years before I would watch "Jaws").

I was leaning forward in my seat, silently yelling "Look out!" when the psycho patient came out of the shadows. Just terrific.

And I agree that you see much, much more blood in a "regular" ER episode. In fact when Alan Alda was on earlier this season it was interesting to compare his ER scenes with the old MASH scenes. In it's day MASH was revolutionary for the amount of gore it showed. But compared to ER, it was nothing.

-- Carolyn (, February 13, 2000.

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