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Does anyone remember "ER LIVE" AKA "Ambush"? Well, remember when Mark decided to give the nosy reporters their interview and talked about what a wreck he was that some of the world's violence had seeped into the ER? Well, this seems grossly similar. I have a feeling that Mark is going to become Carter's "shoulder" for a while. And I think this is also somewhat similar to the whole Dennis Gant ordeal, about when he died. I have a feeling Carter is going to have feelings of doubt and sorrow because of the situation. He's going to feel that he did the same thing to Lucy that Peter Benton did to Dennis Gant. I'm afraid he's going to become the way Mark was after his attack until he took that road trip with Doug (who I shockingly spotted on "Roseanne" this afternoon, but that's a whole different topic). I'm seeing a long road ahead for Carter but hopefully he can come to terms with Lucy's [probable] death. The image of Lucy's terror/fear/complete shock/pain/confusion captured in her expression just scared me. And Carter's dull, fixed stare was almost too much to bear. Lucy looked like she was hanging "by a thread" and I personally think that seeing Carter on the down on floor was enough to kill her.

-- Christine (, February 11, 2000

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