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I'm in agreement with most everyone else on this thread that last night's ER was the best in a long time. The writing, directing, acting all came together to deliver an unforgettable episode.

I liked the constant foreshadowing throughout the show - it lent to the uneasiness that something bad was going to happen. Some of them have been already mentioned (such as one of the nurses asking where the knife was during the party), but how about near the begining of the show when Luka was reading the messages on the candy and he misreads one of them as "cut" e pie (rather than "cutie pie"). And then there's Dr. Greene saying to Dr. Corday: "I don't think I can stand having this night get any more bizarre".

On the whole, this episode reminded me of a Hitchcock movie. Often in his films, he would combine comedy and tragedy/horror in one film. As one example, in one scene, you had Dr. Greene and Dr. Corday's parents meeting for the first time and getting along against and the very next scene showed the elderly patient dying.

Which leads me to my next point - the music was also well used. I don't just mean the song used when Carter was getting stabbed, but how about the "kaoroke" songs near the end. Especially after Abby whispers to the dead elderly patient "Be still my heart" and you hear solemn piano begin to play - nice touch.

I think the scariest part is the knowledge that the crazy guy is still on the loose. I don't think he had left the room and I think that will be one of the plots for next week's show.

-- Tom (, February 11, 2000


One element of foreshadowing that I noticed last week was the closeups of Lucy during the money off the roof scene. I saw that and had a pretty good idea that this week was going to be the one where something happens to her. It's like they were trying to tell you something...

Jim K.

-- Jim K. (, February 11, 2000.

If we are talking foreshadow here....Hello...the spinal tap.

-- I don't think so. (, February 11, 2000.

I agree, there were a lot of interesting foreshadowing. Innes must be a very clever person to include all those little things in the direction. Does anyone, by chance, know who wrote the script? Was it all Innes?

As much as I like the "likeable" characters, I have to say my favorite actor is Laura Innes now. I had no idea that those actors, with "disagreeable" characters, were so ingenious. It's caused me to reexamine their performances from before. In some ways, it's much easier to play an ill-at-ease character, because you know your role is specific and focused. But on the other hand, Innes, La Salle, and the guy who plays Romano, seem to me more and more gifted. I suppose, I'm off the topic now. Anyway, looking through the threads, it's nice and interesting to see that so many ER fans, including myself, found this message board last night.

-- Tom (, February 11, 2000.

It was Lydia Woodward who wrote last night4s script, wasn4t she? When the author of the script is one of the executive producers, you know big stuff is gonna happen - I4m usually aware of that. The most recent example, I guess, was John Wells4script for The storm. I think Lydia is also one of the most gifted ER writers - that is probably the reason she is the main ex prod now, while Wells is working on West Wing and 3rd Watch - great shows by the way. Maybe we can expect a John Wells script for next week4s episode - I think he hasnt written anything for ER this season, or was he who wrote The peace of wildful things?

-- Rael Gabriel (, February 12, 2000.

The foreshadowing (sp?) went back even farther than this episode. Remember a couple of weeks ago when that heart transplant person, Vanessa I think her name was, died and Lucy was devastated? Then she talked to Luka and said something like I'm so glad I come to the hospital by choice and I don't come here sick. They're sort of telling us that one day she will come sick.

-- Cai (, February 15, 2000.

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