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I am looking for information on Charles Stevens McManus, and his tenure with the Southern Railway between 1898 and 1912. I know he was superintendent between 1900 - 1906. I am told he was then elevated to president in 1906 and retired from the board of directors some time before 1920. Any information that might confirm or disprove these statements will be appreciated. Charles was an Irish immigrant who first worked on the continental railroad project. I know he lived for a time, during his tenure as superintendent and president, in Washington D.C. but later in Knoxville, TN. Any help in finding more about his work with the railroad will be appreciated.

-- John H. White (, February 11, 2000


W. W. Finley became President of the Southern Railway System on the death of Samuel Spencer on December 2, 1906. McManus was never President of the Southern Railway System. Furthermore I have looked at some annual reports from that period and can't find a Director by the name of McManus.

Southern Railway System had a lot of subsidiaries. Could McManus have been involved with one of the subsidiaries. Do you have any information on where he was superintendent?

-- Jack Wyatt (, February 23, 2000.

I wonder if McManus was president of the KS&E that was based here in Knoxville? Look at this link for further information.

-- albert e pope (, July 18, 2000.

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