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I recently upgraded my PowerMac 86000 with OS9. My computer has a ForMac TV card and beisdes the 2GB startup disk that came with it, I have an extra internal 9 GB Hard disk with 4 partitions.I have 128 MGB RAM. When I installed MacOS 8.5 I had to download some fixes from our server as OS 8.5 wasn't working properly. Now I had to do the same. I needed to download fixes for EndNote and Office 98. I ask my self why are these guys releasing upgrades of sustems that don't work and we need to get several fixes afterwards. Now, after I fixed these two programs I continue to have problems with the following: 1- When I start up it takes the machine almost 5 minutes to find the other internal hard-disk. Meabhwile the mouse doesn't respond, despite being possible to move it. 2-I have an external SCSI Lacie 9 GB hard disk. Something happens when I satrt up with this hard disk switched on. One or another partition gets damaged or unreadeable and automatically everything gets locked. I can't use disk tools because tthe external hardisk is locked. I have to reformat the whole thing. 3-When using the Apple video application it freezes the computer. Could it be that it doesn't like the Formac TV card? So far I haven't nd more nasty things yet. But I am waiting to see. Both internal hard disks were formated and I installed a clean installion of MacOS9. Sometimes the finder complaints that it can't find this or that and tells me that I have not enough memory to keep the finder open even when I only open Read Text application. My computer is in a home network connected two another Mac and three PCs. Before I used Dave to allow me to change data with the PCs, but I always got problems with Dave and the modem. From home I access the Internet over the modem. All this fixes are driving me nuts and I am seriously considering to stop using Macs. Is anybody outthere experiencing problems with MacOS 9? Is anybody using Dave or MacLan in an ethernet network ? Do you have problems with it and your modem at start up?

-- Anabela P. Pinto (, February 11, 2000

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