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I realize that the circumstances are different as we saw who the bad guy was, but this seems like a little bit of a flashback to Dr. Green's attack in the bathroom a few seasons ago. The rumor is that Lucy will die, so then will Carter be a grumpy PTSD guy for half a season if he recovers?

-- KJ (, February 11, 2000


LOL..Now that you mention it, does!

-- Joy Norrie (, February 11, 2000.

Yeah. My husband said didn't something like this happen before? I said yeah, Greene got jumped in the bathroom. He said ooohhh yeah. He cracks me up cuz he was like come on! Like if someone stabs you you're just gonna stand there and let it happen? He knows someone that was attacked that way once and he said you fight back or at least try and turn around. I said well, dear, um, for's a tv show! LOL It's funny cuz I've never seen him get into ER like that. Usually he's asleep and I watch it. But there he was...jumping up and down and screaming at the screen. Get up!!! Get up!!!! And I think I may have actually seen a tear when those kids parents died. But yes, it makes you Carter going to be traumatized after being attacked that way (like Greene) or will he suffer immense grief for the way he treated Lucy (like Benton did). Guess NBC knows what they are doing cuz you know everyone will be watching next week!

-- jackiea (, February 11, 2000.

Well, when you are stabbed in the kidney you can't exactly turn around and fight back. You will bleed out immediately, and go into failure. Shock will set in shortly after that. Alot of NBC episodes seem to remind us all of prior episodes. It irritates me that one of two things always happen on that network. Either it is a repeated story line, or a repeated episode. I am so sick of reruns. What happened to shows running new episodes from September until May, then having reruns over the summer? Now most shows don't start until November, or even December in some instances. Then reruns are shown about every two-three weeks. How disappointing!

-- ashley leonard (, February 11, 2000.

Ashley, the networks quit having new shows certain times and reruns during certain months several years ago. This is to keep people watching all year. It's not a nwe thing.

-- Susan (, February 11, 2000.

You'd think they would have learned by now....where are the security guards?! Isn't there suppose to be atleast one!? I suppose one would say that even if they were there, that they wouldn't be hanging out in the bathroom or in patient's rooms, but I think maybe now they should have them as permanent fixtures in the ER :)

-- Joy (, February 11, 2000.

yeah-it reminded me of that--but mostly it reminded me of the original Psycho--the cut shots and the minimal gore and especially the closing shot was pure Psycho. much more brilliant and well-done then the mark green attack!

-- e w (, February 11, 2000.

Yes, it did make me think of Mark Greene's attack--not since that episode have I been so completely horrified, almost unable to watch, yet mesmerized at the same time. The acting by both Noah Wyle and Kelly Martin (of whom I have not been a fan before this) was absolutely incredible. I spent the whole show cynically waiting for the "big surprise" and expecting not to be surprised at all--thanks to the blankety-blank promos, and STILL got walloped but good.

But to answer people in the other threads, if you think the first 55 minutes were a waste of time, you should stop watching ER and confine your viewing to "Die Hard." The show as a whole was one of the best in a long time.

Will Carter suffer PSTD the way Mark did? I don't think so--he's a different personality. What he certainly will suffer--and some people have already alluded to this--is intense guilt at how he treated Lucy. Remember how long it took him to get over Gant?

I also was intrigued with the suggestion in some threads that Paul had undoubtedly killed his wife, too. I hadn't even thought of that--but of course, he probably did.

How WILL we all make it till next week?!

-- Mary (, February 11, 2000.

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