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With the release of the new Guidelines for the safe conduct of sport and physical activity in NSW schools (late 1999) has anyone felt the need to significantly modify their PDHPE scope and sequence so that equiment requirements can be manageable? Also, if you have had a good read through the sport specific guidelines, does this present a solid arguement (finally) for the integration of school sport and the running of such by PE specialists?? If you have had any experiences in this area (good or bad) I would love to hear back. I am at a brand new school (this year we have Year 7 only) and will be developing all polices from scratch - and want to get it as right as I possibly could. The school is anticipated to have aprox. 1100 students within the the next 4 years.

thanking you, craig maher

-- Craig Maher (, February 11, 2000

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