Sir, Recently I made a Video CD using DAZZLE DVC. I saved my 5 minutes as clip.mpg file. I burned this file on CD-R, using Adaptec EZ-CD creator 3.0. I successfully burned it on to CD. I could able to play my Video CD on CD-Rom. I used Maxell CD-R. But, I am unable to play the Video CD on DVD Player. I have Panasonic DVD/VIDEO CD/CD player.The DVD player could not recognise the disc. It says no disc. I went to Best Buy tried Sony Player. It did not read. Some body told me that I have to use Silver CD-R. But I am unable to find them. I also tried using CD-RW disc. Even then I could not able to play. I donot understanding encoding. whether I have to use another system to encode my mpeg file from DAZZLE.DVC. Can anyone suggest me the correct procedure to create a Video CD and can play on CD-Rom and Video CD compliant DVD Player. So that I can buy the right equipment. Do I have to change my settings in DAZZLE DVC. AND ADAPTEC.EZ CD-CREATOR? i would really appreciate if any body can help me in this regard.

Thank you in advance



its not your dazzle its your dvd player. Some dvd players CANNOT read the cdr media. This even goes for the cdrw's as well (although most that cannot read cdrs seem to read the cdrw just fine)

-- Doug (, February 11, 2000.

Do you have the full version of Adaptec are the liter version that comes with the CD burner. In order to make a video cd that will play on a DVD player you have to buy the full version and you have to use the create video cd. You can't just burn a mpg file to a cd and get it to work. I have found that most brands of DVD players will read CD-RW but only the Pioneer will read CD-R without any problems.

-- Al McCraw (, February 11, 2000.

Hi Krishna: -Recording session- -low/medium quality but fast method- 1. Recording setting - choose VCD quality template. This will produce a VCD compliant mpeg file. No encoding needed here, but it will not give you the best quality depends on your input source. Go to Burn session. -else- 1a. Recording setting - choose movie quality template. Select cutomize setting and edit the video bitrate to 3000kbits/s. Save this setting to a new name. This will produce the best quality non VCD compliant mpeg file. 1hr of video = 1.29 Gigs of hard disk space. 1b. Adjust setting - adjust your brightness, contrast, color, and saturation up by 15% to 20% from default settings. Note: Sharpness setting is set to 3 if your source is not too noisy and assuming you are doing VCD template, else leave it at default. If you are doing encoding afterward then max it out to 3, the encoding process will fix it. -Encoding Session- 1. Use Panasonic or Xing encoder (both will accept mpeg file format as input source) to encode your recorded clip(s) to VCD conforming mpeg format. This process is time consuming and it greatly depends on your computer setup. My 600MHz K7 gives 1:3.8 ratio encoding time (1hr video = 3.8 hours of encoding time).

- Burning Session - 1. EZ CD Creator, DELUXE version only, not the software that came bundle with your hardware. When you open up EZ it will give you a VIDEO CD option, follow the wizard to create you VCD. If you don't see this option, then you can't make VCD with EZ. Else use Nero, NTI, or VP4 /w WinOnCD software. 2. Use Sony CD-RW to guarantee playing with the Panasonic DVD player that you have. I've tested this brand at Best Buy and it works.

-- lnguyen (, February 11, 2000.

i slightly disagree on the above method. if you make the shrapness and colors too high it will give you addtional intference you wouldnt have if you were to set them lower. I keep my sharpness around the default and or slightly lower scale. i do the same for the saturation as well

-- Doug (, February 12, 2000.

Hi Doug: I used Panasonic encoder to produce VCD mpeg1 file. The sharpness, colors, brightness, and contrast will be taken care of during encoding with panasonic. I used noise filter setting at medium and video filter also at medium and the color adjustment to TV. Half pixel (low pass filter) is used for sharpness adjustment. I found this settings and the % increase in recording session provides the best quality for me so far.

-- lnguyen (, February 13, 2000.

Here we go again. Nonetheless, NO Panasonic DVD player will read CD- Rs. That VCD you created may well be okay, and you can weep until you're dry but no way will that wretched Panasonic play it. The best that will do is some brands of CD-RW. But, I've said before, why go on a tedious task finding out what brand/model of CD-R/CD-RW will be recognized by that Panasonic?? Dump that set-top and get any latest Pioneer or Philips instead. Besides this, read the thread in this forum under playing CD-Rs/VCDs where this subject has been well- trodden on. :)

-- EMartinez (, February 15, 2000.

Dear I am doing recoridng for vcd and i have also DAZZLE DVC i am makin vcd through the dazzle card form umatic and beta tape

mu advice is you keep setting "video cd" in recording option and then record it and for cd writing you use winoncd or video pack software

-- yogendra (, March 30, 2001.

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