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does anyone KNOW who, if anyone, is going to bite it in the next episode (2/17/00)--does an informant exist?

-- Isaac Morningstar (1_morningstar@msn.com), February 10, 2000


Someone told me that Carter lives, but Lucy dies. COuld be wrong, but I doubt it

-- Chris Hall (TSAchris77@aol.com), February 10, 2000.

Just saw the episode. Looks like Lucy was slice across the next. Carter had a knife or scapel entry to the lower left side in the back. Looks like Lucy will bite the dust. Too bad.....

-- Petula (harpet@pernet.net), February 10, 2000.

I'm guessing it's gonna be Lucy, since Kellie Martin is supposed to be leaving the show. I kinda hate it; I really like the charachter, and was thinking that perhaps she was going to change her specialty to psyche, that they'd use that story line to write her out of the show. Sheesh! They didn't have to kill her!

-- Laurie (lzor@hotmail.com), February 10, 2000.

I heard on the radio today that Lucy's going to die but that Carter will live. I'm glad I knew ahead of time because I would have been completely shocked (more so than I am now). I'll miss Lucy. :(

-- Erin MacDonald (gem_52@hotmail.com), February 10, 2000.

I'm devastated - Lucy is my favourite character! Why would they kill her off, when there's so much potential for her character?

-- Susan (scrutons@home.com), February 10, 2000.

I just saw the episode and it was really creepy with that song playing while they were both looking st each other dying. But I think that Lucy will die because everyone knows she is leaving the show , even though that REALLY sux! But I dont think Carter will die , dam this sux why do any of them have to die???

-- Kristyn (jasmen4420@aol.com), February 10, 2000.

Not really an answer but... Carter can't die... With the loss of Clooney and the upcoming departure of Margulies the show needs Carter to survive... As for lusie(sp) it really did look pretty bad.

-- Gavin Ellis (gavin_j_ellis@hotmail.com), February 10, 2000.

In my response above I forgot to mention that I think it's really too bad (and sad) that Lucy and Carter will part on tense terms (they were kind of arguing about her patient). I'm so sad. Why does Lucy have to die?!

-- Erin MacDonald (gem_52@hotmail.com), February 10, 2000.

I don't understand why either Carter or Lucy have to die. It doesn't make sense to me. Yes, I've heard the rumors of Lucy leaving, but Carter and Lucy are suppossed to get together first. Maybe the powers that be will spare her.

-- Elaine Vaughan (dramarama_81@yahoo.com), February 10, 2000.

Okay, stupid me, I answered back to the wrong question, so here I go again. We all know that Lucy will most likely die. My question is still, What is going to change the ER forever. How many people feel like the first 55 minutes were a waste of time? All the hype was just a way to get as many people to tune in as possible, and I fell for it. I'm just glad there are no reruns!

-- Becky Cohn (blcohn@aol.com), February 10, 2000.

I realize that you all "know" that Lucy is leaving but why do you automatically assume she will die? I suppose that if you are psychic that you might know but I think that the writers are just trying to bring the zing back...don't underestimate the possibilities.

-- (withoutad@hotmail.com), February 10, 2000.

I just saw the episode and I am in shock. I had heard Lucy was going to be killed off - but I did not expect it to be so soon, and in that way. I cannot believe it. I *really* didn't see that coming.. :(

-- Gabrielle (gabi@videon.wave.ca), February 10, 2000.

Oooooohhhh! That was so.... the whole episode was creepy. I knew Lucy was scheduled to be shot out of the show,but the way they did it, that freaky guy... What the hell? I wish it had been different. And those two orphaned kids, that was heartbreaking I actually started crying. Sorry this message is a little random, but I am in complete shock. It was so chilling.

-- Jess (Mei0724@aol.com), February 10, 2000.

I dont know who will die, but I also hear that it was Lucy. I am very mad about it. I love Kellie Martin. She was great on Life goes on. I also agree that they have too many cast members. But they did not have to get rid of Kellie Martin. They could have got rid of the other new cast members.

-- Cindy Sirles (cinlou37@yahoo.com), February 10, 2000.

you know you are right...maybe there is some hope for her. there was that part "from next weeks episode" where she looked alive. maybe they save her and she decides never to practice medicine again. okay...maybe i am talking stupid stuff...i just don't want her to die.

-- (suecasso@juno.com), February 10, 2000.

Perhaps Kellie Martin has another job lined up. Shes a good actress and wants to move on. More power to her. As for the last scene of this weeks episode, definately creepy. Lucy had her neck cut, is that right?

-- sunny one (h.few@sympatico.ca), February 10, 2000.

For those of you who think that Lucy is going to die, in next week's preview she is shown with a tracheostomy tube, cleaned up and quite conscious.

Just a little word of hope for the Lucy fans out there.


-- Shok_Dr (shok_dr@yahoo.com), February 10, 2000.

Call me crazy but from the episode this week, I think it is a very real possibility that Carter will die and Lucy will live but give up medicine completely. She did not want to die on the show as the writers had planned due to the story line they gave her. Maybe they had a change of heart and agreed to make her wishes come true. Carter dying will definately shake up the show...don't you think? I hope I am wrong as I think Carter is the best character on the show but I guess we'll see next week for sure.

-- traumadog (bhammedic@email.com), February 10, 2000.

This ER episode definitely wins the prize for "most morbid" in my book. I'm not sure what mood the writers were trying to set with this one, but if grief and sadness were their goal, it definitely worked on me. The whole show was just so intensely creepy, and from the moment they showed Lucy with that schizophrenic patient I knew he would end up doing something tragic. The fact that two children were left without parents and Lucy and Carter both being attacked in one episode was just really intense! We'll see what happens next week..

Monika :)

-- Monika (monika@medmail.com), February 10, 2000.

Ok, I'm really lame... I feel asleep - how did Lucy get stabbed? Who was the creep hiding in the shadows?

-- Eric (ebrew@erols.com), February 10, 2000.

I agree that the first 55 min. were a waste of time. And what fate lies ahead for those two children? More power to Kelly Martin if she's leaving the show, but I think they should've let people vote online to see how her character departed.

-- kd (kdon74@hotmail.com), February 11, 2000.

There was a flash in the previews for the 2/17 episode that showed Lucy awake with a trach. tube in and cleaned up, but there were no previews of Carter after being taken into the trauma room, what can this mean???

-- Becky Socia (BECK912934@aol.com), February 11, 2000.

I think that they will let both of them live, however, Lucy will change her proffession{sp} to psyche and will pursue her career elsewhere. What a shame I loved Lucy's character.

-- stacey kavanagh (staceymkav@aol.com), February 11, 2000.

I wonder if the ER Valentine's massacre was meant to echo the original Valentine's Day Massacre in Chicago???

-- Angel Porteous (angelporteous@hotmail.com), February 11, 2000.

I can't believe Lucy's gonna die! I heard on the radio that she thought her character on the show was going to have a bigger part but it was smaller than she expected and she's leaving. Carter doesn't die though, does he?!?! Was she sliced across the neck? Oh well, I'm still in shock. At first I though it was just Carter, but then when it showed Lucy across the room (from under the bed), I nearly had a heart attack! (Well, not really)

-- SJC (sjclash02@aol.com), February 11, 2000.

That show made me queasy. It was very schizophrenic with the dog and Green/Corday funnies, then the orphaned kids (what happened with them?) and THAT AWFUL ENDING. Uggh. If I didn't want to know what happens next so badly I would not watch it again. Hey, no warning about how violent that was-thanks NB

-- amy leigh (casteele18@hotmail.com), February 11, 2000.

I agree. I thought the first 55 minutes were rather pointless as well. I cried for the children, too. When that guy started talking about the muggings, I thought oh! he's the mugger! And I knew when Carter asked where Lucy was...well, I was saying oh no...oh no....I thought she had been raped or kidnapped or something but did NOT expect all of what happened! When he stabbed Carter, I kept saying where's Lucy? oh god no....And yep, sure enough. My hubby and I were shocked. Sat there with open mouths. Freaked me out so bad, I don't want to go to sleep now. And I agree. This was the same thing as the bomb episode. Watch and see. The ER will never be the same. What a load of crap! But I was suckered anyways. Any speculation on how Hathaway will leave? My hope is Doug finds out and comes to take her and the babies away. Course I'd rather see her with Luka but oh well. Just my two cents.

-- jackiea (jackiea@hotmail.com), February 11, 2000.

And also, did anyone else notice the party? Yeah, like how often do they have a party in the desk area and with music THAT loud? Rarely, if ever. They don't get THAT carried away. I mean, really, it's supposed to be a hospital. What a load of hooey! I know, it's just tv but come on!

-- jackiea (jackiea@hotmail.com), February 11, 2000.

I thought the show was so good, but I got teary eyed when the two kids' parents died. It was a really good episode and so much happened. I hope niether Lucy or Carter die becuase I love them. The show was so shocking. They totally deserve another People's Choice.

-- Nancy Patino (radatada@hotmail.com), February 11, 2000.

Lucy was on Regis and said she's on her way out of the show. E! Online reported the same thing earlier. Carter will live though. The only question is. . . will Lucy die or change her career plans?

-- Steve (wishperk@yahoo.com), February 11, 2000.

Lucy dies, Carter lives. That's that....

-- (dee242@hotmail.com), February 11, 2000.

I agree it was a waste of 55 minutes. It was obvious Lucy was going to be attacked. Glad she's off the show. She was a weak character. Too bad she wasn't given more lines to show that she might have been a better doctor.

-- joy carlson (carlson@loop.com), February 11, 2000.

Carter is going to live. They can't kill him off. I think he is one of the best characters on the show, and definately the cutest. As for Lucy, I hope she doesn't die because her and Carter still have to get together or at least leave in a pleasant way. One thing that gave me butterflies in my stomach was the way Carter said Lucy's name when he saw her lying there. Oh! I can't wait until next weeks episode. I think Carter is going to Live!

-- Julie Barracato (jbarraca@falcon.lhup.edu), February 11, 2000.

Lucy definitely dies. I saw it published, but I don't remember where, that unlike Clooney and Margulies, Martin will be unable to make appearances on the show, as her character will no longer be in existance, as in dead. I also read in a magazine that she was not supposed to leave until March. Maybe that explains why she's lookin' good with a trach. tube in the previews. She probably survives the immediate trauma and then dies of complications, but who knows, maybe they'll shake things up and kill her next week anyway. Too bad. I also heard about how she was unhappy with how small her part had become, and that along with the fact that her lawyer husband was moving to New York is why she's leaving the show. Too bad, she was my favorite, I was still hoping she and Carter would get together. It's a shame he was such a jerk to her on her dying day.

-- Shannon (ShannonMM@aol.com), February 11, 2000.

I am in complete shock over the whole show. The little kids who's parents died made me sad too. I didn't think it could get any worse... I thought Lucy's character was finally getting stronger, and not so nerdy. It seems like everytime they get a character to a point where the audience can tolerate them, and even come to like them, they kill them off. I think they need to keep Lucy right now...too many changes will lose their audience.

-- ginny (vafrompa@aol.com), February 11, 2000.

I was shocked as most of all you were. Did you see the way Carter's eye muscles flickered; that was pretty good acting or directing. It was absolutely morbid though, however ingenious the shot from under the bed was.

There are so many details that upon reexamining make sense now (the muggings, the knife, the schizophrenic wandering into the Nurses' lounge). There's nothing like backstabbing to freak out an audience and induce shivers down one's spine. It's freaky; I'm glad there are message boards like this.

As Hollywood and made-for-TV-sensation as the show is, do you think something like this ever happens in real ERs? I had no idea that even rare events that would ever happen. Do Psych departments really get stacked up with patients, and don't respond to consults? Do ER docs really have to consult DSM-IV on their own or whatever? I certainly hope ER doctors don't have to...watch their back.

Anyway, I'm admiring ER more now (though I hate it that they have to leave their shows unresolved). Perhaps they will reach that level of great character acting that they had in the first seasons. I still watch some of those reruns when they play. I wonder also, where is Jerry? That was such a great shot of him, on one fade out where he's walking home after some blizzard (long shot, slow fade out), anyway, now I've said too much...

-- Tom (tomharada@mail.com), February 11, 2000.

Kellie Martin had told the writer's that she wanted to leave the show with a violent death and then they created this for her. Did anybody catch Regis and Kathie Lee Yesterday? She was on there and said she was glad to be off the show because she felt like she never fit in.

-- McKenzie (cwbSierraangel@aol.com), February 11, 2000.

I cannot believe last nights show. It was sad and very intense. It is a shame that Lucie is going to have to die. I really started liking her character alot. I was hoping that Lucie & Carter were going to get together they would make such a good couple. The creators of the show should hurry up and change the episodes, keep Lucie on the show and have her and Carter get together. Then they should kill off Dr. Benton, his character is getting real boring. Obviously, the creators of the show do not or will not see what the audience really wants. If Lucie or Carter is taken off of the show, I think that alot of the people will stop watching. WAKE UP ER!!!!

-- Terri Falvey (DIZ114@aol.com), February 11, 2000.

I hate to break the hope, but I was reading Entertainment weekly, and they came right out and said Lucy would be fatally stabbed. :( I've always been a fan of Kelly Martin, so I am disappointed too that she's leaving!

-- Michelle Gillis (filmbrat1@aol.com), February 11, 2000.

WOW!!! I had a hard time getting to sleep last night. I've heard as well that Kellie Martin asked to leave the show in a violent way. Looks like she's getting what she wanted from the producers. I really hate to see her go though!!

-- Cin (reeds1@earthlink.net), February 11, 2000.

Very impressive episode last night. I have to say, I have been rerunning (no pun intended) that scene in my mind over and over again. The only thing no one has mentioned is the Valentine - Carter picks up the card as he walks in and there is enough light in the room for him to read the card. (I am still trying to remember what it said - but I am pretty certain that it was to him and from Lucy.) The music was eery and more amazing was the way they made it echo as he lay on the floor. The shallow paleness in her face and the expression was timeless. I am still trying to determine the importance of Paul (the psycho's) friend. What warning could he have given. What questions could he have answered had Carter not rushed him out of the ER and had Lucy had a chance to talk to him.

Plain and simple, ER proved why it deserves to be TV's #1 show last night.

-- Matt Ackermann (mackermann@amlaw.com), February 11, 2000.

The card was from Yoshi(sp). He gave them to lots of people in the ER. Paul was there to help us understand that the stabber guy was paranoid schizophrenic. I had heard that Kellie Martin's character would leave the show because she wasn't happy with such a small part. The writers wanted it to be gorey. I agree with the comment about not receiving some sort of warning from NBC at the beginning of the show. It left me with an icky feeling in the pit of my stomach and I haven't watched the show in a while.

-- K. Green (aggie1996@hotmail.com), February 11, 2000.

Does anyone else find it kind of funny that people are taking Kellie Martin's departure so personally? She's a person with a life and wishes of her own.

I mean, if you were unhappy at your job, should it matter if your company's clients yelled that you shouldn't leave? If you're unhappy, you should be allowed to leave, and people should wish you the best in life... just like Kellie Martin.

There's a real person playing that role. Lucie isn't a character in a comic book where the author can decide who stays and goes.

-- Susan (yelserp1@hotmail.com), February 11, 2000.

Did anyone notice how Carter kept coming into the room where Abby was helping the old woman? He kept blowing Lucy off to go see how Abby's patient was, even though he didn't appear to be paying too much attention to the patient.

I think he and Abby will get together after Lucy dies and Abby will help him get over his guilt.


-- Catherine ODonnell (codonnell@millville.org), February 11, 2000.

Kellie Martin was studying at Yale University when ER called and she jumped at the chance. When she realized her lack of character developement, she asked to be written out of the script so she can resume her studies. (Claire Danes is a Yalie as well)

Still reeling from last night - I didn't get out of bed until the bedroom wasn't dark anymore. I don't feel like eating lunch either. Yikes!

-- Mike Conroy (mikey2308@yahoo.com), February 11, 2000.

All you people who are saying that the "55" minutes was a waste of time, will be there next week watching another "55" minutes plus the next "5" minutes after that. The show was amazing!! And as far as the ending, it was not as gruesome as people are making it out to be. what's the difference of that and a bloody OR seen.

-- (frederick.walker@dm.af.mil), February 11, 2000.

I think Lucy will live, but give up medicine-since she's kinda freaked out with the recent events. Too bad-great actress. Carter won't die.

-- John Willing (ratboy28@hotmail.com), February 11, 2000.

Can someone tell me what is going to happen next week? I heard on the radio there is a web site that tells what is going to happen. Anyone know what web site that is?

-- T.Fister (fisteracw@aol.com), February 11, 2000.

The card was to Lucy from Yosh, and that was what clued Carter in that something was wrong. I agree that everything makes sense (the missing knife, etc.) the next time around, but I couldn't dissagree more about the first 55 min. sucking. It was incredible!!

-- Lisa (Shaniakicks@hotmail.com), February 11, 2000.

Kelli Martin is leaving the show. She came into the resturant that i work at, and she told my co worker that she is leaving the show to go to Harvard. I wish I were there, she's my favorite on ER. She was there with about 10 other people, I guess, from what I heard, they had just came from a funeral. I will miss her on the show!!!!!:(

-- wendy (john1tow@earthlink.net), February 12, 2000.

I have to say that Thursday nights' episode has brought me the the internet curious for outcomes. I had heard that Kellie Martin would be killed off, but I do agree that Carter will suffer much guilt. He had also been rather unkind to the young black doctor who jumped in front of the train a few season's ago. This was a very dramatic episode especially with the two children losing their parents. How violent for a Valentines episode!?!? I tend to think that Lucy will die from complications as they have to give Carter a chance to say he's sorry.

-- Mitzie Wheeler (mitzie@goldenrulebooks.com), February 12, 2000.

What is wrong with people? Why all this backlash about John and Lucy not *getting together*?..They don't belong together at all. They had one brief little nacking session...which went NOWHERE, and it becomes a torrid affair. Sheesh...they were totally wrong for one another from the start. Even the attraction they seemed to have was akward at best. And I'm sorry to be odd man out, but Lucy was flat out annoying...now maybe that is the writers fault...or maybe not. I never cared much for her as Becca Thatcher either...I thought she was Boring with a capitol B. Her acting is contrived, and skittish. Making her an ADD patient was at least in keeping with her behavior. I'm not especially sorry to see her go. In fact, I think the best acting she's done on the show happened in that last two minutes on the floor. One other thing...whats all this nonsense about the VIOLENT nayure of the ending? What was so violent? It was incredible...totally Hitchcockian...you gasped out loud in horror, and shock, and you were riveted, after the picture faded to black. Man...we saw more blood in the preceding show with the guy who was throwing it up...now THAT was gross. This was not gory...it was masterful. This was what real drama and suspense should be. I find it incredibly amusing that a generation of people who have grown up watching the likes of Predator, and Freddy (Nightmare On Elm Street), and Pulp Fiction, and Natural Born Killers, would consider those five minutes *violent*. or feel they merited a warning. I loved the show. It was reminiscent of the early days, and I hope the writers carry on with exactly these quirky, terse, and ever surprising story lines that leave you breathless, and wondering. Its what made the show great in the beginning, and what will keep it great, till the end. Long live John Carter!

-- Tres Mauvaise (tresmauvaise@yahoo.com), February 14, 2000.

tres mauvaise, I agree with you. Why does everyone think that losing Lucy is going to be that bad. I for one, am surely not going to miss her. But the next show is coming and we will all see for sure who will die.

-- megan (mlynnm727@hotmail.com), February 17, 2000.

I thought the show was great! I was so in shock at the end, I couldn't believe what had happened - it was creepy and exciting and shocking! I can't wait until tonight to see what happens!

-- Danelle (Thumper254@aol.com), February 17, 2000.

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