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Dear Eric, Again I would like to thank you for previous help for me.

I have another question for you. Is there any other method I can use to catch and view deadlocks results? I've tried to use DBCC TRACEON(3605, 1205) to output deadlocks results to errorlog, used profilier but nothing seems working(or I'm using these utilities incorrect?)

Thank you,


-- Anonymous, February 10, 2000



Traceflags should work, you can specify them as SQL Server Startup parameters, the relevant flags are 1204 and 1205: If you have an ISQL session and want the trace returned to your client you need to set the 3604 flag with DBCC TRACEON(3604) Below are the relevant flags, taken from SQL Server 7.0 BOL: 1204 Returns the type of locks participating in the deadlock and the current command affected.

1205 Returns more detailed information about the command being executed at the time of a deadlock. 3604 Sends trace output to the client. Used only when setting trace flags with DBCC TRACEON and DBCC TRACEOFF.

3605 Sends trace output to the error log. (If you start SQL Server from the command prompt, the output also appears on the screen.)

Good Luck,


-- Anonymous, February 13, 2000

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