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I am new at being a good a trainer and the game. Actually if it wasn't for the message board I wouldn't be as far as I am, so a big thank you to all. Anyways, I have tried RNA's method an raising and got my highest numbers so far on a beaclon. It's highest number was 805. The rest were in the 700's with speed only of a 100. So do any of you have any good method's to get stat's up that isn't as complicated and money consuming? I spent like $75,000 on it and he can't even beat the s-class tournament. Thanks much.

-- Newbie who is lost (, February 09, 2000


Try my method.It takes about $40,000 but you will get it all back.

Stage 1. Get a Mocchi and train it on erratry and do battles.Then freeze it.

Stage 2. Combine with a Pixie/Suezo or Suezo/Pixie and hope you get Pink Eye.

Stage 3. Keep trainig it in Int. until it has 300+. Then train it in Skill till it reaches 200+.

Stage 4. Send it to an errantry when it is a year old.It should know Telepathy,Teleport,Bite,and Lick.Send it to the Skill Errantry. If it doesn't learn Telekinesis then reset. Keep doin this untill it learns Telekinesis. Then battle it and then go do another errantry. Keep doing this till it learrns every technique.

Stage 5. Get another Mocchi and do the same thing again. Then combine and hope you get a Pink Eye. It should know every technique.

Stage 6. Train its Int until it reaches 800+.Then train its Skill to 600+. Have Def. reach 300+, Speed at 400+,Pow at 100+,and life at 300+.

Stage 7. Battle your Pink Eye from E-class to S-class. If it can't beat any type of class,keep trainig it in anything except for Power unless if necessary.

I hope this method helps.


-- andy (, February 09, 2000.

Even easier, though it sounds involved: Get a Zuum at the market. Use it as a "cash cow" and make sure it is at D rank, not anythign above or below. Feed it nothing more expensive than fish. This will let you get lots of cash. Then fight in the IMA vs. FIMBA tournamentt (you don't have to win) and get the ability to own a Worm. Pure Worms are great monsters. Try it. Oh, by the way, keep real close tabs on your monster's form... not fat or skinny, but normal.

-- Justice (, February 13, 2000.

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