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Hello, Eric! First of all I would like to thank you for all your help with my previous questions. I have another question for you. For a while we're getting this errors(in sequence): 1) Log space info for tran 0:5322101 in database 9 2) Error while undoing logged operation in database 'db_name'. Error at log record ID (5183:60087:32).. 3) Error: 3314, Severity: 21, State: 4 The log for database 'db_name' is not available.. 4) Error: 9001, Severity: 21, State: 1. Error while undoing logged operation in database 'db_name'. Error at log record ID (183:60087:33).. They repeat over and over again number of times and db goes to SUSPECT mode: Database 'db_name' cannot be opened. It has been marked SUSPECT by recovery. Couple times it brought down the server, but other times it comes up by itself. I couldn't find any info on it anywhere. Do you have any ideas about what's happening, or I should open case with Microsoft? Any help appreciated! Thank you.


-- Anonymous, February 09, 2000



What is happening is that SQL Server has reserved insufficient space and then run out of space for compensation log records it generates when rolling back a transaction. When this situation occurs it takes the database offline, runs restart recovery on it (this process frees up log space) and the database is available again. It represents a Microsoft problem and should be reported to Product Support.

Good Luck,


-- Anonymous, February 09, 2000

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