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What were the numbers of the ACL passenger trains and freight trains that used the Jacksonville - Sanford - Tampa main line in the 1960's.

-- Eric (, February 08, 2000


Have acquired a very old and worn ACL Employee timetable from Tampa Division, dated June 16, 1966.

Pass trains: #1-2, City of Miami/South Wind/E Coast Champion. #91-92 West Coast Champion #75-76 Passenger (dropped Name Havana Special)

Freight trains: #175 Piggyback Special (sb only) #109 Through Freight, 1st Class #209-210 Through Freight, 3rd Class

Just a note, #1-2 left ACL at Auburndale to SAL Miami, 91-92 and 75- 76 went through to TUS. The freights originated and terminated at Uceta Yard, 3 miles north of TUS.

-- walt rogers (, June 20, 2001.

From the October 1961 ACL passenger timetable: trains #75 & 76, the HAVANNAH SPECIAL, and trains #91 & 92, the WEST COAST CHAMPION. Someone with an employees timetable for that era will have to furnish the freight train numbers.

-- Tom Underwood (, February 09, 2000.

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