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Ape Ape (Ape/Ape): NFL Blitz (PSX) Thrill Kill (PSX) The Wedding Singer SoundTrack War Games (PSX) Tropical Ape (Ape/Plant): Breath of Fire 3 (PSX) Castlevania (PSX) Tom Petty: Heart Breakers 98* and Rising (98*) BuckCherry The 7 Day Theory (Makaveli) The Girl Next Door (Crystal Bernerd) Command and Conquer: Aftermath (PC) Gibberer (Ape/Hare): Bushido Blade (PSX) FIFA 2000 (PSX) Legend of Legaia (PSX) Suikoden (PSX) Dru Hill NBA In the Zone 98 (PSX) Grand Streem Saga (PSX) In Dangut Warcraft (PC) Bossy (Ape/Gali): Street Fighter 3 Alpha (PSX) The Sign (Ace of Base) Rocky Ape (Ape/Golem): Breath of Fire 3 (Jap/PSX) Golden Love Songs By Yuni Make Yourself (Incubus) Arrowhead Selketo (Arrowhead/Joker): Xenogears Disc 1 (PSX) Mortal Kobat 4 (PSX) Crash Bandicoot 2 (PSX) Grand Turismo Disc 2 (PSX) World Cup '98 (I) (PSX) X-files Disc 2 (PSX) Xenogears Disc 1 (Jap/PSX) Bomberman Wars (PSX) Ehrgeiz (Jap/PSX) Chess Master 2000 Disc 1 (PC) Chess Master 2000 Disc 2 (PC) Command and Conquer: Tiberian Sun Disc 1 (PC) Command and Conquer: Tiberian Sun Disc 2 (PC) Betrayal At Krondor (PC) Windows 95 (PC) Pria Rocks (Arrowhead/Golem): Charge it 2 Da Game (Silkk The Shocker) Earth 2149 (PC) Armor Crab (Arrowhead/Durahan): P-Ramlee Vol. 1 Bajarl Jaba (Bajarl/Joker): Twisted Metal 4 (PSX) Baku Magmax (Baku/Dragon): Let's Ride (Montell Jordan) Beaclon KautRoarKaut (Beaclon/Bajarl): NBA 2000 (PSX) Centurion (Beaclon/Durahan): NFL Blitz 2000 (PSX) Rocklon (Beaclon/Golem): King of Fighters 98 (PSX) NBA Fastbreak 98 (PSX) Centaur Reaper (Centaur/Joker): Xenogears Disc 2 (PSX) Madden 98 (PSX) Bushido Blade 2 (PSX) Final Fantasy 8 Disc 2 (PSX) Final Fantasy 8 Disc 4 (PSX) Gran Turismo (PSX) Grandia Disc One (PSX) Heart of Darkness Disc 2 (PSX) Mission Impossible (PSX) Tomb Raider 3 Final Fantasy 8 Disc 4 (Jap/PSX) Diablo (PC) Ferious (Centaur/Pixie): Flesh-N-Bone (T.H.U.G.S.) ColorPandora ColorPandora (ColorPandora/ColorPandora): Forsaken (PSX) Resident Evil Disc 2 (PSX) Die Hard Trilogy (PSX) Official Playstation Magazine Demo Disc Dec. 1998 (PSX) Atlantic (Led Zeppelin) WCW Nitro (PSX) Liquid Cube (ColorPandora/Jell): NBA Live 99 (PSX) 1998 Collectors CD vol.2 (PSX) Ten Pin Alley (PSX) Clock Tower 1 (PSX) Crash Bandicoot (PSX) Kartia (PSX) Toy Story (PSX) Conspiracy (Junior M.A.F.I.A.) Rebus (Jap/PSX) Clocktower Part 1 (PSX) Populous 2 (PSX) Dungeon Keeper (PC) Peachtree Bug (ColorPandora/Pixie): Thrill Kill (PSX) Dragon Dragon (Dragon/Dragon): Beyond The Blue Hound Dragon (Dragon/Tiger): CarolSinger (Cynthia Clawson) Ducken Ducken (Ducken/Ducken): Tomb Raider 4 (PSX) A Bugs Life (PSX) Riven Disc 2 (PSX) Final Fantasy VII Disc 2 (PSX) Metal Gear Solid Disc 2 (PSX) Robotron (PSX) Red Alert Disc 1 (PSX) Metal Gear Solid Disc 2 (PSX) Need for Speed 4: Hight Stakes (PSX) Syphon Filter (PSX) Wheel of Fortune (PSX) Final Fantasy 8 Disc 2 (Jap/PSX) NBA Shootout 97 (PSX) Deadlock (PC) Blocken (Ducken/Golem): For The Sake Of The Call (Steven Curtis Chapman) Durahan Durahan (Durahan/Durahan): Final Fantasy 5 (PSX) Pizza Hut Demo CD (PSX) Genocider (Durahan/Joker): Bust A-Move 2 (PSX) Shogun (Durahan/???): Brave Fencer Musashi (PSX) Leziena (Durahan/Pixie): Twisted Metal (PSX) Gaboo Gaboo (Gaboo/Gaboo): Titanic SoundTrack 400 Degreez (Juvenile) BLACKstreet 1 on 1 (Jap/PSX) Frozen Gaboo (Gaboo/Tiger): Dino Crisis (PSX) Lost Highway Dokoo (Gaboo/Joker): Gallop Racer (PSX) B*Witched Theme Park (PSX) Gaboo Soldier (Gaboo/???): Metal Gear Solid Disc 1 (PSX) Jelly Gaboo (Gaboo/Jell): Street Fighter 2 & Turbo (PSX) Death Threatz (MC EIHT) Street Fighter Collection Disc 1 (Jap/PSX) Gali Pink Mask (Gali/Pixie): Tactics Ogre (I) (PSX) Aqua Mask (Gali/Jell): Tactics Ogre (PSX) Fanged Mask (Gali/Tiger): My Heart Will Go On (Single) Brown Mask (Gali/Worm): Every Morning (Sugar Ray) Alice In Chains (Columbia) Ghost Golem Marble Guy (Golem/Naga): Rainbow Six (PSX) Scaled Golem (Golem/Zuum): First Call: Somethin' Takes Over SleepyHead (Golem/Baku): The Standard (Carman) Big Blue (Golem/Tiger): Bach's Greatest Hits Vol.1 Hare Scaled Hare (Hare/Zuum): Riven Disc 1 (PSX) Parasite Eve Disc 1 (PSX) Parasite Eve Disc 2 (PSX) 1998 Collectors CD Vol.1 (PSX) Metal Gear Solid VR Mission (PSX) Parasite Eve Disc 1 (PSX) Parasite Eve Disc 2 (PSX) Ray Storm (Import) (PSX) Squaresoft 1998 Collector's CD Vol.1 (PSX) Thousand Arms Disc 1 (PSX) Soukagi Disc 2 (Jap/PSX) Rocky Fur (Hare/Golem): NFL Gameday 99 (PSX) Evil Hare (Hare/Monol): Resident Evil Disc 1 (PSX) Wild Hare (Hare/Worm): Grand Theft Auto London (PSX) Fanmail (TLC) Four Eyed (Hare/Suezo): Making of Lunar (PSX) Dr. Do Little (SoundTrack) Blue Hare (Hare/Tiger): Come On Over (Shania Twain) Total Annilation Disc 1 (PC) Prince Hare (Hare/Gali): Vo. 2 Hard Knock Life (Jay-Z) Kung Fu Hair (Hare/???): Rush Hour (SoundTrack) Fairy Hare (Hare/Pixie): Street Fighters Collection Disc 2 (Jap/PSX) Purple Hare (Hare/Naga): Superstar Karaoke 1999 Henger Henger (Henger/Henger): Space Jam SoundTrack WWF Warzone (PSX) Gaia (Henger/Golem): Command & Conquer (PSX) Grandia Disc 2 (PSX) Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver (PSX) Madden NFL 2000 (PSX) Ridge Racer Type 4 (PSX) Silent Hill (PSX) Star Wars Phantom Menace (PSX) Too $hort (Shorty the Pimp) Soukagi Disc 1 (Jap/PSX) Omega (Henger/Zuum): Sled Storm (PSX) Black Henger (Henger/Monol): Unpredictable (Mystikal) Garlant (Henger/Dragon): Dark Reign (PC) Hopper Skipper (Hopper/Tiger): 40 Winks (PSX) Atari Collection (PSX) Crash Team Racing (PSX) Final Fantasy 6 (PSX) Final Fantasy Tactics (PSX) Grand Theft Auto 2 (PSX) Legend of Legaia Demo Disc (PSX) Life (PSX) Playstation Underground Disc 2 (PSX) Xena Princess Warrior (PSX) X-files Disc 1 (PSX) X-files Disc 3 (PSX) Final Fantasy Tactics (Jap/PSX) Marvel Super Heros (Jap/PSX) Tenchu (Jap/PSX) Mustachios (Hopper/Kato): F3600 Anit-Gravity Racing League (PSX) Fighter Maker (PSX) Total Annilation Disc 2 (PC) Snow Hopper (Hopper/Jill): Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete Disc 1 (PSX) Pink Hopper (Hopper/Mocchi): Pocket Fighter (PSX) Tuesday Night Music Club (Sheryl Crow) The Cathedrals: Camp Meeting Woody Hopper (Hopper/Mock): Grand Theft Auto USA (PSX) Hopper (Hopper/Hopper): Toni Braxton Springer (Hopper/Metalner): Virtua Cop (Saturn) Draco Hopper (Hopper/Dragon): Garbage Version 2.0 (Music) Total Remix Jell Scaled Jell (Jell/Zuum): Riven Disc 3 (PSX) Gex (PSX) Army Men (PSX) CrisisBeat (Import) (PSX) NHL '99 (PSX) Q-bert (PSX) Command and Conquer: Red Alert Disc 1 (PC) Pink Jam (Jell/Pixie): Ninja SoD (PSX) Wu-Tang Samurai Showdown RPG (Jap/PSX) Critical Depth (PSX) Chloro Jell (Jell/Plant): Twisted Metal 2 (PSX) Wall Mimic (Jell/Golem): Darkstalkers (PSX) WWF Warzone (PSX) Noble Jell (Jell/Gali): Pac-Man World (PSX) WWF Attitude (PSX) Worm Jell (Jell/Worm): Squaresoft Collector's CD (PSX) Desireless (Eagle Eye Cherry) Tekken 3 (PSX) Icy Jell (Jell/Tiger): The Great Milenko (ICP) Muddy Jell (Jell/Hare): No Limit Soldiers Compiliation (Master P) Fatal Fury Dominated Mind (Jap/PSX) Clay (Jell/Monol): AmeriKKKa's Nightmare (Spice 1) Purple Jell (Jell/Naga): Christmas Portrait (Carpenters) Eye Jell (Jell/Suezo): Crime Killer (PSX) Jell (Jell/Jell): Love Songs of the 70's Jill Jill (Jill/Jill): Nascar 98 CE (PSX) + Chocobo Dungeon 2 (PSX) Zorjil (Jill/Suezo): Monopoly (PSX) Skull Capped (Jill/Joker): Tetris (PSX) Wondar (Jill/Hare): Peaceful Christmas Pierry (Jill/Tiger): Shelter (Gary Chapman) Bengal (Jill/Kato): Scars (PSX) Joker Tombstone (Joker/Golem): Ready 2 Rumble (PSX) Blue Terror(Joker/Tiger): All I Need (The Forester Sisters) Kato Kato (Kato/Kato): Quake 2 (PSX) Da' Dip (MC Lucious) A Bach Celebration Quake 2 (PC) Pink Kato (Kato/Mocchi): Final Fantasy VII Disc 3 (PSX) Cool Boarders 3 (PSX) Jade Coccoon (PSX) Jeopardy (PSX) Knockout Kings 2000 (PSX) Medievil Demo Disc (PSX) Rhyme and Reason (SoundTrack) HIT RANK Blue Kato (Kato/Tiger): Contra (PSX) Master P Presents Down South Hustlers Home For Christmas (Debby Boone) King of Fighters kyo (Jap/PSX) Gordish (Kato/Gali): Fighting Force 2 (PSX) The Art of War Disc 2 (Bone Thugs~N~Harmony) This Is How We Do It (Montell Jordan) Sincerely (The Forester Sisters) Revenant Disc 1 (PC) Tainted Cat (Kato/Joker): South Park (PSX) Citronie (Kato/Suezo): Classical Guitar: Vol. 3 Str8 Off Tha Streetz of Compton (Eazy-E) Walk On (Bruce Carroll) Black Sabbath: Reunion (PSX) Draco Kato (Kato/Dragon): Tear Da Club Up Thugs Disc 2 (Three 6 Mafia) Tales From the Hood When All Is Said And Done (Evie) Ninja Kato (Kato/???): Final Fantasy 8 Disc 1 (Jap/PSX) Tenchu (PSX) Metalner Love Seekeer (Metalner/Pixie): Brigandine (PSX) Offspring Americana Metalner (Metalner/Metalner): The Bodyguard (SoundTrack) Mew Mew (Mew/Mew): All Eyez On Me (2Pac) Chicago Christmas Album Bowwow (Mew/Tiger): NHL Faceoff 2000 (PSX) Zero Divide 2 (Jap/PSX) Best of Boney M Indonesian Evergreen Hits Vol. 3 Golden Hits Love Songs Vol.3 Mum Mew (Mew/Pixie): The Absolute Best (Carman) Eared Mew (Mew/Hare): King of Fighters 96 (PSX) Mocchi Mocchi (Mocchi/Mocchi) Hmmm, Let's think about it! Monster Rancher 2 (PSX) Knight Mocchi (Mocchi/Durahan): Riven Disc 4 (PSX) Riven Disc 5 (PSX) Final Fantasy VII Disc 1 (PSX) Red Alert Disc 2 (PSX) Oddworld (PSX) Driver (PSX) Dukes of Hazard (PSX) Gex: Enter the Gecko (PSX) Heart of Darkness Disc 1 (PSX) Hot Shots Golf (PSX) Medal of Honor (PSX) NBA Live 2000 (PSX) NHL 2000 (PSX) Overblood (PSX) Street Fighter 2 Alpha (PSX) Xmen vs. Street Fighter (I) (PSX) You Don't Know Jack Disc 1 (PSX) NBA In The Zone (PSX) G-Police (PSX) Xmen vs. Street Fighter (Jap/PSX) Azure Dreams (PSX) Warzone 2000 (PSX) The Chosen (PC) Fallout 2 (PC) Nyankoro (Mocchi/Kato): Tomb Raider 2 (PSX) Highlights from the Phantom of the Opera Mya (Mya) All That I Am (Joe) Gelatine (Mocchi/Jell): Primal Rage (PSX) Ghetto Fabulous (Mystikal) Hell Pierrot (Mocchi/Joker): Tekken 2 (PSX) Draco Mocchi (Mocchi/Dragon): Underground 2 Disk 1 (PSX) Playstation Underground Disc 1 (PSX) Coolio Manna (Mocchi/Pixie): Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete Soundtrack Thousand Arms Disc 2 (PSX) Further Down the Spiral (Nine Inch Nails) Tear Da Club Up Thugs Disc 1 (Three 6 Mafia) Fake Penquin (Mocchi/Tiger): Method Man (Tical 2000: Judgement Day) Back To the Hotel (N2Deep) Be Thou My Vision (Debby Boone) Tales of Destiny (PSX) Mock Monol Monol (Monol/Monol): You've Got Mail (SoundTrack) Blue Sponge (Monol/Tiger): Army Men: Air Attack (PSX) Friends For Life (Debby Boone) Ogre Battle (PSX) Obelisk (Monol/Golem): Chef's Luv Shack (PSX) Soboros (Monol/Worm): Megaman Legends (PSX) World Cup France '98 (Import) (PSX) Naga Stinger (Naga/Zuum): Armored Core (PSX) Street Fighter Alpha Plus (PSX) Duke Nukem 3D (PC) Time Noise (Naga/???): Kagero Deception 2 (PSX) Niton Metal Shell (Niton/Metalner): Independence Day (PSX) The White Raven (VCD) Baum Kuchen (Niton/Mock): 2Xtream (PSX) Stripe Shell (Niton/Kato): Duke Nukem:Time to Kill (PSX) Armored Core 3: Project Phantasma (PSX) Need for Speed 2 (PSX) Monster Farm 2 (PSX) Knight Niton (Niton/Durahan): Civ. 2 (PSX) Beethoven Lives Upstairs Dribbler (Niton/???): FIFA '99 (PSX) Phoenix Phoenix (Phoenix/Phoenix): Judgement Day Disc 2 (VCD) Pixie Pixie (Pixie/Pixie): Smash (Offspring) Comand and Conquer: Survivor (PC) Granity (Pixie/Golem): NBA Live 98 (PSX) On the 6 (Jennifer Lopez) Ape Escape (PSX) Clock Tower 2 (PSX) Jet Moto 3 (PSX) Wild Arms (PSX) (Trick Daddy) Destrega (Jap/PSX) Dungeon Keeper 2 (PC) Futurity (Pixie/Metalner): Agile Warrior F-IIIX (PSX) Dixie (Pixie/Zuum): Allied General (PSX) Rainbow 6 (PC) Mia (Pixie/???): The Woman in Me (Shania Twain) Kasumi (Pixie/???): Dead or Alive (PSX) Kitten (Pixie/Kato): Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete Disc 2 (PSX) Jilt (Pixie/Wracky): MediEvil (PSX) Time Commando (PC) Unico (Pixie/Centaur): WCW vs The World (PSX) Janne (Pixie/Durahan): Shadow Man (PSX) Sonic R (Saturn) Daina (Pixie/Dragon): Now Powerhits Plant Scaled Plant (Plant/Zuum): Alundra (PSX) Resident Evil 2 Demo (PSX) Resident Evil Director's Cut Tony Hot Pro Skater (PSX) Rock Plant (Plant/Golem): The Art of War Disc 1 (Bone Thugs in Harmony) Mirage Plant (Plant/Jell): Tru 2 Da Game Disc 2 (Master P) Do Or Die (Po Pimp) Gold Plant (Plant/Gali): Jigga My N**** (Jay-Z) Plant (Plant/Plant): NBA Jam Extreme (PC) Suezo Fly Eye (Suezo/Worm): FT Big Hurt BB (PSX) Purple Suezo (Suezo/Naga): Auto Destruct (PSX) Melon Suezo (Suezo/Zuum): Final Fantasy 8 Disc 3 (PSX) Grand Turismo Disc 1 (PSX) Resident Evil 3 (PSX) Saga Frontier (PSX) Star Ocean 2 Disc 2 (PSX) Suikoden 2 (PSX) WCW Mayhem (PSX) X-files Disc 4 (PSX) Final Fanrasy 8 Disc 3 (Jap/PSX) NBA Live 97 (PSX) Xenogears Disc 2 (Jap/PSX) Saga Frontier (Jap/PSX) Fatal Fury Wild Ambition (Jap/PSX) Starcraft (PC) Star Control 3 (PC) Command and Conquer: Red Alert Disc 2 (PC) Sueki Suezo (Suezo/???): Monster Rancher (PSX) Birdie (Suezo/???): Tiger Woods '99 (PSX) Tiger Datonare (Tiger/Zuum): Beyond the Beyond (PSX) NBA Showtime on NBC (PSX) Mono Eyed (Tiger/Suezo): Baby One More Time (Britney Spears) Daton (Tiger/Pixie): The Crossroads (Bone Thugs~N~Harmony) Music Box (Mariah Carey) Cabalos (Tiger/Naga): Original Footage Oldies (Mariah Carey) Undine Siren (Undine/Joker): Crash Bandicoot 3 (PSX) Syndicate Wars (PSX) Civilization 2 (PSX) Worm Rock Worm (Worm/Golem): Caesar's Palace 2 (PSX) Black Worm (Worm/Monol): Elton John: Candle in the Wind (Single) Wracky Metal Glay (Wracky/Metalner): Bloody Roar (I) (PSX) Bakky (Wracky/Bajarl): Gamera (I) (PSX) Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter (PSX) Star Ocean 2 Disc 1 (PSX) Henger Doll (Wracky/Henger): The Lost World (Saturn) Zilla Zuum Crab Saurian (Zuum/Arrowhead): Jet Moto (PSX) Family Scriptures (Mo Thugs) Fairy Saurian (Zuum/Pixie): The Miseducation of Lauren Hill Favourite Oldies Vol. 4 Shell Saurian (Zuum/Worm): No Way Out (Puff Daddy & Family) Spot Saurian (Zuum/Hare): Ghetto D (Master P) NobleSaurian (Zuum/Gali): City Of Angels (SoundTrack) Hachiro (Zuum/Baku): King of Fighters 97 (PSX) Revenant Disc 2 (PC) Zuum (Zuum/Zuum): Indonesian Evergreen Hits Vol. 1

I hope this help! It took a long time to type.

-- Shane Reilly (, February 08, 2000


Ahhhhhh....HeAd gOinG tO exPloDe...words too ConfUsIng....might help if you used bold or....

Double return between CDs so it becomes readable.

Good list though.

-- The Man (, February 08, 2000.

MY GOD!!! Yes, it is extrememly helpful (hope you don't mind, but I printed it and read it later) but how long did it take you to type??? Wait, I don't want to know. Thanks, though!

-- Justice (, February 13, 2000.

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