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Hello all.

I got this excellent game for Christmas. However, I also got 7 other games still untouched. So for now I am taking time off to play these and I am seriously thinking about FF7 and FF8 AGAIN. I will attempt to come back here every once in awhile and answer some questions, but for now.......

See you all at the MR3 message board.


-- John Johnson (, February 08, 2000


I was getting worried you abandoned us, but now that i see you here i know your here sometimes, well i guess in your words i'll see ya at the MR3 board.

-- Bloodshed (, February 08, 2000.

See you later. It is weird another good trainer leaves. Wow! I will be leaving in a little while also. I hope to see you again. I have got stuff to do and so I will be retiring, again, this time a lot longer.

-- The Man (, February 08, 2000.

Come on people! This is why Monster Rancher games are not as popular as Pokemon! If people would stick with it a long time like Pokemon it would be a lot more popular. Dont give up! There are still uncharted teritories. Such as human trainers to fight, thats why I like this game so much, you can battle your friends and its a lot more complex than Pokemon so it makes it a lot more fun! If only people would stick with it. Two of my friends have the game already and ones getting it soon. I am a master trainer and im not giving up on the game. Even when all my stats get maxed out I will not give up. Its fun betting your friends to a pulp untill they get all there stats maxed out and then its even more fun trying to be the best around. Some of you have heard me talking about Team Dragon, well were adding a section to it about Monster Rancher 2. People have beatten Pokemon probably a hundred times over, its not gone away! Its still thriving! Come on! Monster Rancher has a lot better graphics, and a lot cooler monsters. Also, is there really a Monster Rancher 3 game coming out?

-- (, February 09, 2000.

ShadowMaster I'm only leaving because of my large collection of Playstation games that are starting to collect dust due to little playing time. I'm not saying that Monster Rancher 2 is a bad game, I think it's one of the greatest ever made for Playstation.(FF8 is better) I will eventaully come back to MR2, maybe not. With ECW Hardcore Revolution coming out this month and WWF SMACKDOWN! coming next month, and the fact that I am already behind in my gaming it looks undoubtful.


-- John Johnson (, February 10, 2000.

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