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I just bought a Minox B camera with case and chain in beautiful condition. Upon examining the chain and case, it looked to me that there is no way to free the chain from the case -- neither end fits through the metal grommet in the end of the case! Am I missing something here? Or is it not supposed to be free of the case. It looks to me that the case might get in the way when measuring...

-- Rob Mossefin (, February 08, 2000


You're not missing anything. You can simply hook the case out of the way with your little fingerwhen you are using the chain for measuring. The chain is a field expedient. If you're doing serious closeup work, I'd suggest a tripod and ruler, or the Minox copy stand.

I personally have switched to a padded nylon pocket knife case to hold my Minox (and preserve the leather case) and I have had to forego using the chain because I couldn't find a way to remove it from the case without unwanted surgery.

-- Jeff Polaski (, February 08, 2000.

Rob, the B (IIIs) case is designed to stay with the chain, and not to be taken off.

When you use the B, the case naturally slips away and hangs on to the chain, and you don't have to worry about put the case in pocket. This slip-away-on-a-chain-case is unique to Minox A & B.

If you really wnat to remove the chain, it can be done easily: use a small plier to open up the ring which holds the chain, and you can remove the chain easily. After remove the chain use the same plier to close the gap of the pear shape ring. You may use a piece of string to loop through the ring as a neck strap to carry the Minox camera.

-- martin tai (, February 08, 2000.

What I did, was unhooked the button fastener side of the the chain and connected the chain and button fastener with a very small key ring. This way, I can easily remove it when necessary.

-- Dave (, February 08, 2000.

IMO, the lastest case and chain on Minox CLX and Minox AX is the most convenient of all variations of chain/case These cases are the old Minox IIIs/B stype side open case and the chains can be easily removed from the camera and case. unlike case/chain for IIIs/B, one can remove the chain and case from the camera easily, but to remove the chain from the case, a plier is needed; also unlike the LX/TLX case, a plier is needed to remove the chain from the case.

With AX and CLX, removing the chain from the camera automatically remove the chain from the case.

-- martin tai (, January 23, 2001.

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