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Hi, does the GTE's viewfinder permit to see more than the 24x36mm image, like the Leica-M viewfinder? What about glasses wearers: can they use a GTE and see all the field of the picture?

Thank's in advance (and excuse me for poor english :-) ).

Philippe POINCOT.

-- Philippe POINCOT (, February 08, 2000



The Minox 35 camera viewfinder window covers slightly more than the 24x36 frame, as most compact cameras. But not as roomy as Leica M series. Don't forget Minox GT-E or other 35mm series is a COMPACT camera.

Minox 35mm camera viewfinder, like Minox 8x11 viewfinder has sufficient eye relief, hence there is enough room for spectacle wearer.

-- martin tai (, February 08, 2000.

Since I wear glasses, I checked before buying my GTE, if I'd be able to see the entire picture through the viewfinder. It's OK, you can leave you glasses on your nose while taking the picture, since you see everything inside it, including of course the needle indicating the speed.

-- Nicolas Oxstone (, February 29, 2000.

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