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Martin, I didn4t see any mention of this book in your book review. Any chance of some input there? Thanks, Duncan.

-- Duncan McMorrin (, February 08, 2000


If I may interject, I bought Small Minox Big Pictures because I lost my Minox B user manual. I particularly wanted to remember how the flash exposure/distances worked. It's a good reference book.

-- Jeff Polaski (, February 08, 2000.


Rolf Kasemeier's SMALL MINOX - BIG PICTURES is a classic in Minox Photography.

This book has long being a reference handbook for collectors--- not Minox hardware collectors, but for image collectors-- for people using Minox camera and acessories to take pictuers.

This book is excellent reference book in many ways:

  1. It covers both the camera gears and the technique of how to make good pictures with Minox.
  2. This book can only be written by an author who had intimate knowledge about Minox-- ie, an insider. His knowledge about charateristics of Minox camera and how Minox camera works as reflected in this book is detailed and accurate.

    for example

    • He wrote about width of Minox film=9.4mm, a data hard to find in other Minox literature
    • The shutter diagram in his book explained how the Minox shutter works. Many people mistook Minox shutter as similar to focal plane shutter-- ie, traveling slit type. Kasemeier pointed out the major distinction between Minox shutter vs focal plane shutter: it exposes the film at the same time, like leave shutter.
    • In the viewfinder section, he explained that when taking close up pictures, the the covered area should be slightly smaller then the frame. All these details are useful for Minox users.

      Simply put this book is : SMALL MINOX BOOK, BIG MINOX PHOTOGRAPHY

      This book has many interesting pictures, the only draw back is; these pictures are small, up to 4x6" at most-- these small size picture may give reader a wrong impression that Minox camera can only produce small pictures, inspite of the book title.

      -- martin tai (, February 08, 2000.

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