OT?: Hungary: Water Supply to city of 120,000 residents threatened by approaching cyanide spill

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Two stories on this unfolding environmental disaster.Where's CNN?

Hungary: cyanide pollution threatens town's water supply

Source: BBC Monitoring European - Political Publication date: Feb 07, 2000

Text of report in English by the Hungarian news agency MTI

Budapest, 7th February: The cyanide pollution in the Tisza Riveris expected to reach the city of Szolnok (central-easternHungary) Tuesday [8th February] morning, said Mayor Ferenc Szalay at a media briefing on Monday [7th February].

The pollution entered Hungary from Romania last Tuesday [1stFebruary], first flowing along the Szamos River, which feeds into the Tisza.

The entire drinking water supply of Szolnok is gleaned from the surface waters of the Tisza. Szalay said the quality of water flowing from Szolnok taps will be suitable for drinking until about midnight, and suggested that residents fill whatever available containers for the days to come.

Kazmer Kaposvari, head of the Water and Sewage Company of Szolnok, reported that tests of the surface water-works shows it is able to filter out the cyanide from the drinking water. Thismeans that it may be possible to maintain the water supply inSzolnok, said Kaposvari.

Publication date: Feb 07, 2000 ) 2000, NewsReal, Inc.



Hungary: residents of town on polluted river to get water from tanks

Source: BBC Monitoring European - Political Publication date: Feb 07, 2000

&Text of report by Hungarian radio on 7th February

Budapest's Public Space Maintenance Company has sent water tank lorries to Szolnok [central-southern Hungary].

The five lorries have been asked by the Water Authority of Szolnok to provide safe drinking water supply to the town on the river Tisza. The cyanide pollution in the river will threaten the drinking water supply of more than 120,000 people when,probably tomorrow, it reaches Szolnok, the centre ofJasz-Nagykun county.

[The cyanide leaked into the river Szamos, the tributary of the Tisza, from a Romanian mine's water reservoir on 30th January and reached Hungary on 1st February. The pollution reported to have already killed most fish and living creatures in the river.]

Publication date: Feb 07, 2000 ) 2000, NewsReal, Inc.



-- Carl Jenkins (Somewherepress@aol.com), February 08, 2000

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