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I have two 1972 SCL employee timetables of the Tampa and Jacksonville divisions. In the begining of these books it shows a schedule table of the passenger and through freight trains. But it does not show any local freight trians. Could you please email me a listing of local freight trains and their times and operations that operate on the Baldwin, Miami, Yeoman, Coleman, Sanford, Aloma, Dr Phillips, and Lakeland Subdivision if possable? Thank you very much.

-- Eric Johnson (, February 07, 2000


I left the ACL in 1963. The trains that ran under timetable rules at that time were actually limited to the first class passenger trains. All timetable freights were annulled and actually ran as extra's. 91 & 92 (West Coast Champion) and 75 & 76 (Havana Special) (80 & 89 were gone by then) were about the only trains from Jacksonville to Tampa that ran by timetable. The remainder were ran as Extra's, by train order.

Although the Southbound through freight 109 was listed in the timetable, it was actually ran as an extra. A bit of dim memory perhaps, but it was referred to as 109's extra, among the workers.

The morning and afternoon lineup (for track and signal forces) from the dispatcher, detailed the actual train schedule. The timetable trains were listed as simply on-time or time of late departure leaving Jax or Tampa.

I do not believe the local freights were listed in the timetables other than as a reference. As an example you may see a train listed by number on the Aloma Branch, Dr. Phillips Branch, or other local job, but I do not think it ever ran according to the timetable rules. It was simply Extra Number (lead engine number) in the line up.

It took a lot of skill to run a motor car (without radio's back then) and keep from getting hit by a train. Surprising how quick you could get a motor car off the track when the light of an engine popped around the bend. Likewise, the conductor of a wayfreight or switch engine were constantly monitoring the approach of the first class timetable trains. Trying to get his work done and then in the hole in time to clear the mainline. Often you would see a short local racing down the track to the next station, to get in the hole ahead of 91 or 92. Shades of "The Emperor of the North Pole?"

Reply based on a memory that is getting a bit dimmer with time.

-- Curtis E. Denmark Jr. (, February 07, 2000.

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