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Prior to rollover, possible problems with water suppliers and concerns about their y2k preparedness were cited by many y2k experts. The latest large water main break, this time today in downtown Chicago, exemplifies the seriousness of a series of water breaks that is plaguing municipalities around the country. Whether this phenomena is being caused or contributed to by y2k/embedded systems failures, etc., I cannot say. I am quite sure that aging infrastructure and the weather have contributed to many of these failures. If you read the stories on today's problem and take the time to examine the links below with an open mind, I am sure you will have many more questions

. Chicago Tribune Story: Fair Use, etc. Water main breaks in Loop

By Mark LeBien Tribune Staff Writer

February 7, 2000

A water main break in the Loop this morning has caused flooding that collapsed a street and is disrupting transportation and some business operations in the area.

The flooding is near Wells and Adam Streets, and it has forced the closing of all traffic in the vicinity. CLTV reported the street has collapsed at Wells and Quincy Streets.

Also, the Chicago Transit Authority has temporarily halted "L" service between Jackson and Washington on Wells, causing the Purple, Brown and Orange lines to reroute.

The Purple Line, which normally runs express until 10 a.m., is stopping at the Belmont station, where passengers are being rerouted to the Brown Line.

Both the Brown and Orange Line trains are being rerouted around the outer Loop on Green Line tracks so as to avoid the stretch of tracks between Jackson and Washington.

Also, CTA bus service in the flooded area has been suspended, according to CLTV.

CBOT says trading, systems operating normally 02/07/00

CHICAGO, Feb 7 (Reuters) -

The Chicago Board of Trade said Monday that all internal and external systems were operating normally and that futures and options trading would continue.

The CBOT announcement followed news earlier Monday that the neighboring Chicago Board Options Exchange, situated one block south of the CBOT, had halted all options trading indefinitely.

The cause of the CBOE trading halt was not yet known, but it could be related to a water main break that sent water into the streets near the biggest U.S. options market and the largest U.S. futures exchange.



Chicago Fed says flood halts cash shipments

CHICAGO, Feb 7 (Reuters) - A water main break near the Chicago Federal Reserve Bank in downtown Chicago has temporarily halted vehicle movement for pickup and delivery of cash currency shipments, the Chicago Fed said Monday.

``We have as a precautionary measure suspended operations in the first, second and third basement in the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago Building,'' said Suzanne Heffner, senior manager of media relations with the Chicago Fed.

All other Chicago Fed operations were functioning normally, she said. ``We don't anticipate any damage or major disruption as a result of the flood near the (Fed's) location,'' she said.

She said the Fed became aware of the situation around 8:10 a.m CST (1410 GMT) Monday. The water in the street near the Fed building has since begun to recede, she said.

Here are links to a variety of other water main stories from around the country within the last couple of weeks. The Cleveland story and the disruption it created:

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-- Carl Jenkins (, February 07, 2000

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