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I am wanting to hire a qualified WSI to teach swimming lessons to our local residents this summer but I am unsure of how and how much to pay. Should it be an hourly wage and how much is customary or should it be based on a per participant rate and how much? I appriciate any information you can share.

-- Bruce Brown (wsscuba@bellsouth.net), February 07, 2000



I don't know if your are stilling wondering how much to pay a swimming instructor, but if you are... When i taught at a YMCA this past year in New York City, the instructors made $12/hour... however, where I teach now in southern oregon, we make only $7/hour, but that is because we are a new pool, and don't have a lot of funds. I would say a reasonable amount would be $9-$10/hour.

-Holly Larson

-- Holly Larson (hloganl@aol.com), June 25, 2001.

Bruce, I have been in the aquatic field for about 12 years and Most places will pay WSI instructors based on years of experience, starting pay should be based about $2.00 higher than what your lifeguards currently make.

-- Laurie Ann Russell (dolfin_luver@hotmail.com), August 10, 2001.

The rates Vary on Experience and skill of the instructor and weather it is a private or group lesson. I would charge $7 for a group for half an hour and $30 an hour for a private If you get a good instructor you should see results after the first lesson.

-- Coach Ben (swiftswims@cona.net), December 22, 2004.

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