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Any thoughts?

-- Michael Blake Read (, February 07, 2000


Before the Internet gets moving to any extremes, its nuts-and-bolts mechanics will have to speed-up greatly and the technology will have to improve to the point where it can simply gets out of users' way. Furthermore, there are many drawbacks to the current "data dump" that the Internet has become. While all forms of news and information in life should be held up to scrutiny, users of the Internet must be all the more discerning about what they take as fact---a slick-looking site doesn't mean its content is accurate. And maybe that's a good thing. However, the fact must be faced that right now the Internet is more hype than anything else; marketers' wet-dream come true. As well, the old computer adage "Garbage in, garbage out" should not be forgotten, nor the idea that the Internet will always be a reflection of the (cyber) society that makes use of it.

-- Matthew (, February 10, 2000.

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