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So, am I the only person that thinks guys have it INCREDIBLY easy during this holiday??? This really is a chick holiday wouldn't you think?

It seems like whenever it hits this time of year, not only do I have to think of something neat-o for Mikee's birthday, but I also have to find something not-so-girley for Valentine's Day, or something that won't just sit on a shelf like the presents I got him last V-day have.. think he'd notice if I just rewrapped them??? :)

Do you guys (as in males) even care about getting presents on this holiday??!??

Girls, what do you get your guys???

-- Fleegle (, February 06, 2000


Well seeing as how someone was a complete ASS last year on v-day and didn't do crap, (and i expect the same this year) I still got him nifty things.. actually one of the things is something that never came in time for xmas.. hehehe. Adam has a lot of little things about him and what he likes and i usually get him something in that area.. instead of something mushy cause he wouldn't understand it anyhow if i got him something romantic.. plus i am sick of being the one that does the "romantic" stuff for him thinking he will get the hint that this is actually what I want him to do for me... hmm do i sound a tad grr about this? And to tell the truth, i don't really remember what I did get for him this year. All I can remember is the thing left over from xmas.. hahah guess i should go look (cough) If all else fails.. buy yourself some lingerie... and toys heheh.. they like that.

or shlong hits :) HAHAHHA


-- bob (bob@bobo', February 09, 2000.

You know what, I just realized I never have gotten a guy anything for Valentine's Day. Am I a schmuck or what?! I'm getting my guy a card and making a little "goodie bag" of stuff for him. Candy, snacks, stuff like that. Guys love food, no doubt. I mean, we're basically raised with that stupid phrase: "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach." If it ain't broke, don't fix it. I'm just putting together stuff he can take to work with him so he won't starve during his shift. But then again, I'm lazy and didn't really put much thought into it. :) Oh well.

-- Katrina Marie (, February 09, 2000.

Katrina. You are full of shit.

Don't you remember last year we went out looking for things for Valentine's Day and we ended up finding that book called "The Book of Us." and I bought one and you went back to Melbourne and bought one for Steve too??

Or wait, did you actually buy it or did you just say you were going to buy it? :)

Wahtever the case, I bought Mike that book last year, and I also got him one of those coupon books where he can "redeem for a night of schlong hits" (and other assorted kinky acts) and I also got a little puffalump moo-cow. Not to bash the boy, but I could tell you where exactly all 3 of these items are, and I bet he hasn't a clue where to begin to look for 1!!!! :)

You'd think he'd at least keep an eye on the coupon book...

I guess we can't blame them... Must be a girl thing.

-- Fleegle (, February 10, 2000.

Dizzam! I completely forgot! But guess what? I still have the book. I guess it isn't really a present if I still have it. I mean, I gave it to Steve and all, but then I took it so I could jot down what topics were in it before he actually wrote in it. (Ok, so I'm anal, kill me now.) But, then things weren't they way they were before, aznd now they just aren't. So, I guess it's a good thing that we didn't actually write in the book, huh?

Oh yeah, Angela... Still have that froggie bank I got ya? I saw another Valentine's frog thing the other night while looking for a card and thought of you. :) If I had money, I'd actually buy it, but such is life as a poor person. :)

-- Katrina Marie (, February 11, 2000.

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