OT: What is going to happen this coming week in the stock market?

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Considering all of the events last week, rumors of GS and others in trouble, gold prices going up, and the bond issue; It seems to me that next week has the potential to be a good indicator of what may be coming. Now that all of you stock market/gold/bond watchers/participants out there have had a weekend to consider lasts weeks events, what do you think next week holds? Is the economy/market wading into the deep end of the doo-doo pool - or what?

-- K Taylor (KTaylorOre@webtv.net), February 06, 2000


Nothing will happen just the same up and down. It's not time yet for the market to tank.

-- wait and see (ba3_4him1@yahoo.com), February 06, 2000.

I'm making big bucks with Put and Call positions in Motorola (MOT). The 30 point continual down and up swings are great for the Option investor! Learn how to do Options for free at www.optionadvisor.com

-- freddie (freddie@thefreeloader.com), February 06, 2000.


Thanks for the Info on learning Options at the Option Advisor. I've been following your Tips you give us from time to time on buying Calls and Puts, and you seem to really know what your doing!

How long have you been at it? And more importantly how long did it take you to get profitable?

I bought a commodities course from Ken Roberts recently but havent had time yet to start it, and have purchased several books also.

I know from my own experience of owning and running businesses that information from someone like yourself that has actually gone out and "Made Something Work" can be invaluable advice, to those about to start down that same Path.

Any, Tips you could give me would be Much Appriciated!

Thanks Again,

Zdude(Formerly Zguy)

-- Zdude (zdude777@hotmail.com), February 06, 2000.


Sounds like you want to hang out at the Commodity Cafe

(They even let Ken Roberts students in (grin))

-- rocky (rknolls@no.spam), February 06, 2000.

Forget the ken rogers course. You'll get slaughtered with that 1-2-3 crap!The pros are hip to it and gun for stops all the time!

-- John Schade (jschade369@aol.com), February 06, 2000.

correction: Ken Roberts

-- John Schade (jschade369@aol.com), February 06, 2000.

I'm collecting gold stocks. Sold all the others. This is my story and I'm sticking to it!

-- waiting for tomorrow... (better have gold@ there it goes.com), February 06, 2000.

#1. Rocky- Thanks For the tip on the Commodity Cafe! What a Great Place! I'll be spending a lot of time there I'm sure.

#2. John- All I've done so far with the Roberts Course is open the box, because I've been busy with other projects. I Want to get off on the to the right start so, If you've got any suggestions for me I'm all ears. I want to learn the business right, The First Time!

Thanks All,

-- Zdude (zdude777@hotmail.com), February 07, 2000.

A radio investment advisor, Bob Brinker, has been giving financial advice for about 13 or 14 years. It is a popular weekend show carried Nationally. Bob has been consistently Bullish through this entire market expansion... at times I thought he was nuts for the position, which in retrospect has been right on target.

Yesterday I about drove off the road when I heard him advise moving substantially out of stocks and into a cash position. I never thought that Bull would pull in his horns.

-- Michael Mruzek (mtmruze@hotmail.com), February 07, 2000.

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