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Hello, I was wanting to know the significance of the Wetzler logo on the Minox B series camera. I have a 612 939 that I may use for fun - unless this model is a collectable. I have seen several B's selling on eBay for $100-$300 - but most are for later B's 900 xxx.

Any opinions on the collectibility of this camera?



-- Martin Fette (mfette@ficom.net), February 06, 2000


Heckmann mentioned Minox B with Wetzlar stamp at camera back as scarce. "special prize for collectors"

-- martin tai (martin.tai@capcanada.com), February 06, 2000.

In Germany, the WETZLAR model sells for about $50 more than the regular one, but only if in excellent to mint condition, because that's what collectors are interested in. I don't really think it's worth selling the one you have and getting another one.

-- Uwe Salaschek (Jeck34@gmx.net), February 06, 2000.

In the FWIW dept, I found a Minox B "Wetzlar" at a dealer, paid $135 for it (case & chain too) and found it pretty dysfunctional. I sent it and $125 to MPL and, Voila'!, real spiffy! Works great! Looks nice! So, deals can be found, but hang onto a "keeper". I certainly did not "steal" this one, but not a bad investment either.

-- Jeff Drew (jdrew@westlandbank.com), February 06, 2000.

Many Minoxes (Models II, III, IIIs and B) made prior to the factory moving around 1960, had the "Wetzlar" marking, in deference to the town's reputation for optical excellence of its local products (much to the dismay and annoyance of another optical legend also located there, who, ironically, now owns Minox!) While B's entered production in 1958, most were made after 1960. I have not yet seen an original B made in 1958 or '59 that did not have "Wetzlar" markings, but then totals produced in these years are small in relationship to the total production run. They are not THAT uncommon as to be considered a true rarity, but are scarce in comparision to the entire pool of available B models.

-- Michael J. Vorrasi (MVorr99@aol.com), February 07, 2000.

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