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While living in Ireland I became aware of a measure taken by the Irish tax office, which declared that all income derived from artistic work is not taxable. I understand that this came about because many of Ireland's greatest artists over the years (writers James Joyce and Samuel Beckett most notably) had fled the country due to the persecution their work received. As a consequence, in order to attract and retain artists living and working in Ireland the government deemed in the last few years that all income from artistic work is not taxable. Is this something that the Canadian government should think about doing?

-- Matthew St. Amand (, February 06, 2000


Yes they should, but they most likely won't for a long time -- they are heavy into taxation and don't manage it that well. They just don't get it -- there is a brain drain happening big time. It is a shame that Canadians believe that to really 'make it' that they have to make it in the US first. Unfortuately there is some truth to this because of this belief.

-- Elly (, February 10, 2000.

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