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Has anybody compares lens from Pentax67 with others such as Bronica, Mamiya of Fuji? Any advice is appreciated.

-- James (, February 06, 2000


I have used the Pentax 67 lenses, mostly 105,165,55and some with 135 macro. also used hass.80,and 150 and mamiya 80 and 150 on their645. the results from all these lenses are very good.So good that considerations other than lens quality should determine a choice of one over an other. The only strict a/b comparison I did was between the 80mm ZeissT* and the 80mm"C" on the Mamiya. Neither of these are the latest offerings, both produced excellent results, with the Mamiya perhaps a tiny bit sharper on the closest of inspections. In this test the Mamiya seemed to be about one grade(apon printing)contraster. though both cameras had t-max 100 rolls dev.together, the film in the Hassy had been in the back for about 3 months , the film in the Mamiya was new. contrast difference may well be funcion of film age. Altough I'm not currently using one I found the overall quality of the Pentax camera(a really superbly constructed camera body) and lenses to be excellent.

-- michael brennan (, May 08, 2000.

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