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when i go to the instructors page all i see is a square with a puzzle. when i click on the puzzle it tells me to get a plugin? after a few more pages it takes me to a page to download quicktime for $29.95?! should i download from that page or is there somewhere else i should go? also, under sound in device manager i have 3 listings; 16 bit audio driver, gameport joystick and mpu401 compatible. am i missing something?

-- rikayah benoit (, February 05, 2000


Hi Rikayah, and thanks for your answer Carol! Yes you can go to and download quicktime or you can go to http:// and download it. Once you download the program you will have to double click on it to install it. Make sure you save it on your desktop so you can find it.

It looks like you have all you need as far as the Audio goes...

-- Lane D. Rankin (, February 06, 2000.

Had the same trouble. Then I remembered that Mr. Rankinn went to When the page opens click on the red square, it will take you to two questions asking you to download Quicktime. One is for macs the other is for windows (pick which one for your computer) Good luck. Carol

-- Carol Wells (, February 06, 2000.

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