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This morning I heard a rumor that former Southern Railway Ks-1 722 has been moved from display in Asheville, NC to the Great Smokey Mountains Railway shops in Dillsboro, NC. When I was in Asheville, back in November, she was still there, but that could have changed since. Can anyone confirm if this is true. I have heard from a reliable source, the 630 was purchased by TVRM. Is 722 still owned by Norfolk Southern? Any help would be appreciated.

-- Steven Ashley (, February 05, 2000


The 722 was removed from display in January because the National Railway Historical Society building has been sold. The move even made the local paper;the Asheville Citizen Times. The 722 was taken a quarter mile to the old Asheville roundhouse to be stored. The newspaper article said that the caboose that was on display with the engine will go to the Great Smokey Mountains Railway but the plans for the 722 were indefinite at the time.

-- Chris Bartlett (, March 05, 2000.

I have heard from a online message board that the sale of #722 to GSMR is in its final stages, with 722 moving to Dillsboro in October. I dont know when she will start running again, but I sure hope its soon.I personally think we've waited long enough to see her running again, but that's just my opinion. I've also heard that #630 was donated to TVRM and that they are planning to try to put her back into service by early 2001. 630 and Kentucky & Tennesee # 10 have been moved into the shop building,with hope that in the restoration of 630, they will be able to use #10's boiler tubes for 630 (if the FRA ok's it) since they havent been used much. I am 13 years old and would like it if someone would email me if they have any info contradicting the above. I'm intrested about becoming a engineer at Spencer in the future.

-- Hayes Smith Jr. (, October 14, 2000.

I was at TVRM about a month ago and was told that K&T #10 and the 4501 were being looked at to see which one would be the less, cost wise, to restore. The 610 will be returning to operation next year, as far as I know. As far as the possible restoration of the 722 goes, I'm there! The Ks-1's and Ks-2's were assigned to the Murphy Branch which the GSMR now operates on. I'm am going to email the GSMR to find out more about this, I'll keep you posted. Evan =)

-- Evan Whatley (, November 18, 2000.

Finally, the 722 is home and headed back to service within a couple of years. confirmed the rumor. THe 722 was towed to Sylva yesterday morning behind 3 diesels, there the GSMR picked her up and towed her to the shops in Dillsboro. Saturday the 722 will be towed back through Dillsboro for the Press welcoming her home. They said that she should be up and running again by 2002. However, her sister 630 in Chattanooga could be up and running by next fall, but don't place any bets just yet.

-- Steven Ashley (, December 13, 2000.

She is indeed in Dillsboro at the Smokey Mtn Railway Shops. She has been disassembled to some degree, all outer metalwork removed, plumbing torn down, cab removed etc. She is being restored and is expected to be ready to go in 2002. I saw her myself on July 31 2001.

-- George Bredestege (, August 04, 2001.

The 722 is still in pieces. The metal shop acrosse the street has some steam loco parts laying around including a tender. I stopped by yesterday and asked about the parts. The parts are from engines 250 and ACL 4-6-0 which is being cosmetically restored for the Willmington transportation museam. The tender and other parts are for loco 745 which is I belive and ex-SP 2-8-2 in New Orleans. There appears to be no efforts on 722 sadly

-- Eric Henson (, February 06, 2003.

722 is still out side in the weather.With her boiler off the frame at the GSMR shops and there is no work being done to her at all. They have been rebuilting the running gear on 1702 this year.Sad to say I heard from one of the guys at the railroads shop that 722 will not be rebuilt anytime soon.That is for sure.As for the Engines at the steel shop next door to Great smoky shop.It is not part of the Great smokies shop.It belongs to former Master machanic of steam Greg Dodd. He use to be operation manager at GSMR and worked for Southern/NS steam program before that.He is one of the best steam men out there.The Great smoky lost one of the very best steam men in the county when he went out on his own.I was very please to meet him one day last summer at his shop.Some of his workers told me all about him leaving Great smoky.They lost one hell of a good man.

Thanks Bill Williams Tampa FL.

-- Bill williams (, January 08, 2004.

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