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Please could anyone help me,I am a student of electrical/electronic engineering from Stockport(Greater Manchester)in the UK and I am currently working on a project involving a twin, 3 storey elevator model which is to be controlled by a Mitsubishi FX PLC. My problem is being able to get hold of any books which contain information on elevator technologies and theories such as analizing traffic, allocation of cars, peak services, preferential floor service, etc. I cannot find any books in the local libraries, so if I have to buy a book I need it to contain as much info as possible as I have little spare cash to be throwing around. So could anyone out there help me with any titles or authors and where I can buy them from. Thanks Mark.

-- Mark Hughes (, February 05, 2000


Re: "Research on elevator technologies"

Hello Mark,

Your project sounds like a fun and ambious one. Let's start with some "free" resources on the web, and them we'll also discuss some places you may purchase additional info.

As always, one of the best places to start is "Elevator World Magazine" at Use the "Search for" search engine at the bottom of their page to find "free" articles of particular interest to you. Example: Here are the results of searching for "traffic",... Within these results are two excellent articles, ELEVATOR TRAFFIC ANALYSIS AND SELECTION FOR SMALLER BUILDINGS by John Brannon, Independent Consultant and REVOLUTIONARY LIFT DESIGNS FOR MEGA-HIGH-RISE BUILDINGS by J.W. Fortune-Lerch, Bates & Associates, Inc.. These two articles give a preliminary overview of how to size elevator system(s) for given building characteristics.

Other magagine and subscription resources are available at

Books of all categories are available for purchase at the "Elevator World Online Bookstore" at One book that comes highly recommended is "The Vertical Transportation Handbook by George R. Strakosch" at

Hope this helps,... contact me directly via e-mail if I can be of further assistance. I love programming with the Mitsubishi FX PLC!;-)

Ray Griffin

-- Ray Griffin (, February 06, 2000.

In addition to the excellent recommendations given by Ray Griffin, I'd like to add:



Barney and Dos Santos

Published by Peter Peregrinus Ltd., London, UK

Good Luck and have fun!

-- John Brannon (, February 07, 2000.

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